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Video Content

There has been a revolution! In the last 5 years, I have seen a major shift in video content. More and more businesses are leaning towards using video in their digital marketing strategy. It makes perfect sense - video allows your business to come to life. It connects people with a visual story, versus a post or email. You step into a world of emotion and storytelling, two vital components to marketing. Did you know? SEOing videos is just as important as SEOing content on your site? Read about it here!

Businesses are evolving continually, and telling stories is important to keep your audience connected and bring in new attention. Wyzowl reports that 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing. Out of that, 82% of businesses have reported that video marketing is an important part of their strategy. Although we have seen and experienced a shift there is a large portion of business owners that have questions like:

Is it really worth using videos for promoting my business?

Do I have enough resources to create and use video content in my marketing?

The answer:
Yes, a thousand times yes! It is worth it, and not because a large majority of people are doing it, but because a video gives your brand a voice! A video can be used in every form of marketing. Plus it is one of the most profitable digital marketing tools you can access by simply using your phone.

Different types of video content:

    • Vlogs (video blogs)
    • Video interviews
    • Tutorial videos
    • Videos of presentations
    • Product demos and reviews
    • Recordings of live streams
    • Video Ads


I have seen some powerful numbers relating to views when running video Ads. General cost ranges from $0.001 - $0.02 per view. Compared to historical pricing for commercials that is pretty incredible. It can be intimidating getting in front of a camera here are a couple tips to get started.

  • What is your goal?: General goals like "share an announcement" or "send people to your website." Write down your goal.
  • Give value: There's nothing wrong with selling, but don't start with that. It is important in your videos to connect with your audience. So give value, educate them, then direct their attention to your main goal.
  • Add Details: Don't forget to add the details in your post, whether a link to a website or the best way to reach you.
  • Subtitles: Add subtitles if you can. Some individuals may be at work or somewhere they can't turn on sound and you don't want to miss out on their attention.

Check out the blog 5 Reasons to start using video marketing to learn more. You can also join our Facebook Group, Get Your Business Known, to connect with other business owners and get additional Facebook business page engagement support. If you're interested in learning more about our services, set up a free consultation with us!

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