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How Value Ladders can Exponentially Increase Your Revenue

By: ScottCox Monday July 9, 2018 comments Tags: content strategy, marketing strategy, sales conversions, sales funnel, sales funnels, value ladder

Understanding cold, warm, and hot audiences is one thing, but figuring out how to sell and upsell to the different audiences is another thing. So how do you market to each audience and get them spending exponentially more with your business? The answer is value ladders.

Give your clients what they need at the right time.

To create a value ladder, you have to figure out which of your services will be the most appealing and helpful to the different audiences. To use the example from our previous blog, a company like ABC Lawns knows that cold audiences probably won't go for their weekly lawn maintenance package off the bat. Cold audiences don't know they need weekly lawn maintenance and don't know about ABC Lawns, so a recurring package is a big commitment. Similarly, warm audiences who need sodding and fertilizing probably won't go for that package because they're looking for a specific service, not weekly maintenance. However, a weekly maintenance may be the perfect upsell item for a hot audience who has already bought ABC Lawn's tree trimming service. Figure out your ads strategy here!

But just like you want to avoid overselling an audience, you want to make sure you're not underselling either. Why keep marketing a one-time tree trimming service to a hot audience who's already bought it? A better choice is upselling them to a weekly or monthly package - that money will be 100% profit, and you'll have an ongoing revenue source.

What kind of value should you give at each level?

Here are some ideas for kinds of value that each type of audience is likely to respond well to:

    • Cold audience

        • A free PDF informational guide (in return for contact info)

        • A free trial or free consultation (in return for contact info)

        • A free training course/video (in return for contact info)


    • Warm audience

        • Discount on a service/product

        • Buy one service, get another free/reduced price

        • 1-month reduced price on a subscription package


    • Hot audience

        • Weekly/monthly/quarterly subscription to a service

        • 1-month reduced price on a subscription package

        • Membership in a rewards program for buying x-amount each month

At each level, you're encouraging your customer to go to the next level and pay you more. The end goal, of course, is for them to subscribe to a service or take part in an ongoing program. Again, the money you make from subscriptions and ongoing programs is 100% profit since you have no lead generation costs, and it's a constant source of income.

Incorporate your value ladder in your marketing strategy.

Every ad, landing page, email campaign, and social media campaign should be focused for the audience and the value piece you're selling. Even if the purpose of the content isn't directly selling, the content should be focused toward the audience and value piece, like our recent Instagram post:

Even though we don't mention our social media management app, we're talking about the need for it. If you have the app, you can bulk-curate and bulk-post to ensure your content is cohesive and strategic. Plus, you can listen and respond to your customers' engagement on your profiles directly from the app. We don't share any of that in this specific post, but we set ourselves up for presenting the app to our customers later. Plus, the post has valuable information for our audience!

Why do you need value ladders? How do you know where to find cold, warm, and hot audiences? How do you market to move customers along a value ladder (coming soon!)? Subscribe to our blog so you won't ever miss a post!

Want to know more about how to implement value ladders in your online strategy? Contact us for more info - visit our website or set up a meeting with us to talk with us directly! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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