Two Objections: Why You Won't Hire A Social Media Manager

By: ScottCox Monday December 11, 2017 comments Tags: Florida Marketing Strategy, Lakeland Florida Marketing Company, Lakeland Florida Marketing, Florida Social Media Marketing

As time passes social media gains more and more precedence in the world of marketing and advertising. Honestly at this point if your Lakeland business doesn't have some sort of social media presence you are VERY far behind and need to change this ASAP! If you are the business that is dabbling in social, not really seeing a lot of success, and honestly too busy to really to handle it, this article is for you! In this post I am going to discuss these two objections to SMMs (social media managers).

I have met with many Lakeland business owners about social media contracting and have worked with many more for a few years now. I have come to realize there are really only two reasons why you would not hire someone to help you do your marketing. The first reason and probably the most common is just simply not having the income to pay a marketer. The second and more complicated reason is that you just do not understand the value that a social media strategy can bring to your business.

Let's tackle the first and easier objection Price! Look Its a reality that not every business and even most Florida businesses aren't going to have the money to pay someone else to do their marketing and its ok! Does this mean those businesses should give up no, quite contrary! If you can't afford to hire someone to help you market your business this simply means that you need to do it yourself. I know, I know, this is not the ideal answer but it's the truth. However, you should be doing as much as you can, because it matters, really. More and more people are using social media as a research tool to see who they want to do business with and even more importantly get support from. Now I will say if you can partner with or get access to resources from a successful SMM to learn then you should. After all the goal would be to get to a point where you can hire a professional so you can focus your time on your passions within the business to grow the business even more right?

The other objection is MINDSET! Now this typically comes from a lack of understanding how a well thought out and implemented strategy can actually help a business grow. I really feel that the reason most businesses that could afford a SMM, is that business owner doesn't understand how much work it takes for your business to cut through the noise. Your competition online is not just your direct competitors, it's all the noise in the world today. It really takes a strong and consistent presence to cut through this noise. A professional SMM will be able to help you build and decipher this information and use your marketing budget effectively. Beyond the actual mechanics of social media a SMM will stay up to date on changes of algorithms, tools, and strategies to help your brand stay on top.

Hiring a SMM is definitely an investment into the future of your business. However, if you plan on reaching any kind of success with your business social media is key. Your customers are on social media and spend a lot of time there. While they may not directly go there to buy, they are definitely impressionable and can be led to your business when they need your product or service.  An SMM will not only help you be more effective online, but also save you money by using budgets effectively and make even more! Not sure what you need for your marketing plan? Check this out!

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