3 Smartest Ways to Use Twitter in Your Social Strategy

By: ScottCox Monday July 30, 2018 comments Tags: management tools, marketing strategy, social media management, social media marketing, twitter, audience, ad engagement

Twitter is quickly growing to be a dominant player in online marketing. As of January, users share 500 million tweets every day, and ad engagement on Twitter is up 91% year-over-year. One thing that makes Twitter great for marketing is that its algorithm makes it easier to get seen than on Facebook, and it doesn't have as many limitations on marketers as Instagram. Still, it's important to know how to best integrate Twitter into your campaigns to get the most return out of your investment. Here are 3 smartest ways to use Twitter in social campaigns:


Set yourself apart as an industry expert.

Twitter has both the reach to get your message in front of a large audience and the freedom to use links and videos as much as you want. That makes it an ideal platform to show how much expertise you have and how you can help. Share all your blogs on Twitter - you'll get retweets and follows if you use the right hashtags. Retweet other industry leaders and even competitors when they share good industry information. Share links to lead magnets, your website, and webinars/podcasts where you give tips relating to your industry. Unlike Instagram, which is ideal for representing the visual and artistic side of your brand, Twitter is the perfect place to prove your knowledge and experience in your field.


Interact directly with your audience.

With retweets, Twitter gives you the unique ability to share and engage with your followers' content. Although Instagram has liking, commenting, and tagging capabilities, retweeting connects with your audience even better. With a retweet, you can make a customer or audience member feel emotionally connected to your brand and increase their loyalty. The more you can use retweeting or mentioning to answer questions or give a shoutout, the more you'll be building a strong following on Instagram. Don't miss the 5 ways to improve your social media strategy!


Promote lead magnets or landing pages.

You don't have to use ads on Twitter to convert audience members like you do on Facebook. On Twitter, like on Instagram, free posts can reach a wide audience. But unlike Instagram, you can cut out a step in the conversion process by using links. That means you can share your landing page or lead magnet as much as you want. If you're running a campaign to cold audiences, post the lead magnet once every day with various hashtags to make sure it's staying at the top. Using some consistent hashtags with a few different ones will help new audience members discover you. Twitter can serve as a powerful free advertising platform because of the freedom it gives to businesses. Why do you need a landing page for social media marketing? This blog will blow you away!

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