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By: ScottCox Tuesday October 30, 2018 comments Tags: content creation, content management system, content strategy, facebook, facebook marketing, Lakeland, marketing strategy

Building A Truly Social Network


Social Media, Social Networks, both are actually funny sorts of phrases if you really think about it. There is so much across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, you-name-it that's not really very social. These days it is more about pushing content. We're sure you've seen (or even posted) a graphic to an event you've hosted, a special discount for your product or service, or maybe even a video promoting your retail storefront. Whatever way you slice it show much of this content is one-sided and isn't much of a conversation.






Create Conversations, Not Just Content


The best format to elicit responses is question and answer. We mentioned in our previous entries that Facebook revamped its platform and gear it toward thoughtful comments and responses. You're going to have to here is your contact to engage your audience in A question and answer format. Sometimes it can be very overt, but most other times you will want to imply questions that need to be answered.




A good framework of questions to use in order to tune your content is the journalistic W's:

    •  Who


    • What


    • When


    • Where


    • Why


    • How


    • How much

In short, try to frame your content around educating and entertaining your audience.









Authenticity Wins Everytime


Look, your fans and followers online can tell when you're mailing it in. It's tempting to use auto-generated DM's on Twitter when someone follows you but people can smell it from a mile away. What's the solution? Respond to every comment and DM. Period.




Most people might be concerned about how much time that might actually take, or how tedious a task it ends up being after even an hour. The real question is, "how do you expect to be treated as a customer or a 'tribe' member?" When you give more upfront value to your base then you're the one with the leverage, always.









Learn To Say 'Thank You' More Often


When someone holds the door open for you at the bank or lets you cut in line at the grocery store you say 'thank you'. It's a very natural response in our subconscious to want to recognize someone for their kindness. Translating that into your content online will position you and your brand for even more engagement. People like to receive that kind of recognition and don't mind returning it either. Just keep this simple concept in front of you: you're here to win hearts and minds not comments and likes. Build a community and a tribe instead of a mob. This prescribed method takes more time and effort but it's very much worth it in the long run, and that's what matters most.








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