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By: ScottCox Sunday October 7, 2018 comments Tags: content creation, content management system, content strategy, facebook, facebook marketing, management tools, marketing strategy, social media content, social media management, management tool, social media tools

In today's world, social media is one of the most effective ways for businesses to stay top of mind. The majority of society is active on social every day. Did you know that 77 percent of U.S. Americans have a social media profile? That means that the more available your business is on social media you will widen your reach. At times having an active social media presence can become overwhelming as a business owner. From Facebook to LinkedIn and beyond, there are so many different platforms you can be active on. It can become very time consuming if you do not have a solid social media management support tool.

Below you will find a overview of 9 management tools, including our own. Each one is designed for a slightly different purpose and target audience, but the same basic features are important. Here's the run-down:


Edgar: This is a bare-bones tool whose most important feature posts categorization. You can color code and tag posts to save them even after they've been posted. But it has none of the features on our "must have" list.

Lithium: Although Lithium boasts of reporting capabilities, it doesn't have any of the other important features. However, it does have a "communities" software that allows you to answer customer questions and encourage them to share their experiences.

AgoraPulse: This tool also offers reporting capabilities and has all the basic features like team collaboration and engagement management. It also has an inbuilt CRM that allows you to find audience members and save every conversation you have with followers, including their contact info.

MavSocial: This tool has some helpful features like design integration and reporting, but doesn't have any of the other important features. However, MavSocial does have FB ads functionality, which allows you to manage ads within the tool.

Hootsuite: Even though this tool is extremely popular, it doesn't have a lot of really important features, like design integration or Instagram business integration. It does, however, boast of advanced reporting, monitoring, and collaboration capabilities.

Buffer: As another popular tool, Buffer is also surprisingly limited. It has an Instagram business and design integrations, but no monitoring capabilities. The best advantage of Buffer is it offers a small package for single users at no cost.

eClincher: This tool is lesser-known, but it offers reporting, monitoring, design integration, and Instagram business integration.

SproutSocial: Like eClincher, SproutSocial has most of the important features on our list. But its biggest advantage is highly detailed and advanced analytics, including team reporting and task reporting. It also has the capability of integrating key social metrics into internal systems and reporting dashboards.

Social Reach App: Our tool has all of the important features on the list. Plus, you can also connect other tools to the software that you use to manage other parts of your online presence, like ManyChat and Phonetics. The priority inbox updates every 15 minutes, and you can not only export reports but schedule them to deliver. Our management tool has many more features that can help take your business' social media presence to the next level.

Want to know more about our management tool?  Or try out the 14-day free trial of the software. We want to hear from you! Get in touch with us via emailFacebook Messenger, or our website. You can also join our Facebook Group, Get Your Business Known, to connect with other business owners and get additional Facebook business page engagement support.

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