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By: ScottCox Thursday November 1, 2018 comments Tags: audiences, content creation, content strategy, facebook, facebook marketing, marketing strategy, social media content, social media marketing

Engagement Leads To Marriage

Creating a loyal following is important for building a brand that has a lasting influence. Consistently putting out content is important, but you need to make sure that the conversation isn't one-sided. Like any healthy relationship, it takes time, effort and patience to win over casual observers in your dedicated tribe. Once they're sold on why you and your company does what it does, they're ready to be all in! Here are some key strategies can start implementing right now to make sure your engagement has long-lasting effects.

Q & A is the Game

One of the simplest and most effective ways to solicit a response is to ask questions. We've mentioned about the Facebook revamp of 2018 and how the platform rewards longer and more 'thoughtful' comments. Asking questions that require more than a binary one-word response will benefit how your post's rank and visibility. Another great way to make use of Question & Answer is to regularly hold long-form Q & A sessions on a Livestream. Giving viewers a way to interact and contribute to the 'show' allows them to feel a sense of ownership. This keeps them coming back for more week after week because they're curious to see how the spontaneity influences the direction of the broadcast. Your audience also feels the strongest connection and the most value when they know you're speaking directly to them LIVE and in the moment.

Ask For Feedback, Always.

Your audience is a very smart group of individuals; never underestimate them. Imagine that you were a chef at a 5-star restaurant; wouldn't you want to know how your signature dish is doing with your guests for the evening? If you constantly solicit feedback you'll know what people are thinking and feeling which allows you to understand if you completely bombed or if you struck gold. You should start today by planning to center your content around engagement and interaction. Ask questions, get feedback, take it back to the drawing board and turn it around again; wash, rinse repeat. You'll find that involving your audience in the process will help your business to shape into something that customers come to love.

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