How to Turn a Social Media Strategy Into an Effective Campaign

By: ScottCox Friday July 13, 2018 comments Tags: marketing strategy, sales conversions, social media campaign, social media management, social media marketing, social media strategy, effective campaign

For the past few blogs, we've shared a lot about creating an effective and profitable online strategy - sales funnels, audiences, targeting, and value ladders. But how do you combine these elements and actually implement an effective campaign? Now that we've covered the individual parts of a campaign, here's an example of putting it into action:

First, you'll need to analyze your audience and figure out the best services to market to cold, warm, and hot audiences. Use a value ladder to define the value points you'll want your audience to hit, all the way until they reach a recurring package. If you don't have a lead magnet or a recurring package yet, go ahead and develop it with your customers' needs in mind! Don't forget these 7 essential elements for a sucessful social media campaign!

Once you have your value ladder, you'll need to gather tools to implement and track your campaign. We use Funnelytics to chart a visual representation of our plan and track all the components of the campaign. When you're at this stage, figure out the order and method of your touches. For example, will you give people the option to schedule a consultation before or after they sign up to receive emails?

In this campaign, we use a lead magnet and a website lead form to attract cold and warm audiences. Once they've given us their contact info, we start them on our email campaign. Then we use retargeting with Facebook and Google ads to touch the audience more and sell them on higher packages.

All the way through the process, we use Funnelytics to track clicks and conversions. We can input hyperlinks in each of the boxes, and the tool will show us the conversion percentage for each aspect. We also use Google analytics and Facebook Pixel to track clicks and gather demographic data about our audience.

The tools you use depends on the scope of your campaign and your budget, but here are some trackable methods you can use to touch your audience and move them to click and convert:

    • Facebook/Google Ads


    • Social media posts


    • Landing pages


    • Chatbot messages


    • Emails


    • Subscription pages


    • Lead magnets 

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