4 Smartest Tools For Creating an Effective Online Campaign

By: Anna Thursday February 6, 2020 comments Tags: social media management, social media marketing, social media tools

Many of our blogs have been devoted to giving you the run-down on social strategy and campaigns, with everything from sales funnels to retargeting. Today we're sharing some helpful tools we use to develop and execute our campaigns. Here are our 4 smartest tools to use in a campaign:

  1. Funnelytics Funnelytics is our go-to tool to help plan and implement social campaigns. It allows you to create customized flow charts that help you visualize the steps and value points in your campaign. You can rearrange, add, delete, and customize as necessary. And the best part is you can add links to the boxes to track the click/conversion rate. Funnelytics isn't just a planning tool - it helps you measure the success of your campaigns and improve their performance.
  2. Sendible - This social media management tool has all of the most important features you need for managing your platforms, such as scheduling, monitoring and engaging. Plus, you can also connect other tools to the software that you use to manage other parts of your online presence, like ManyChat and Phonetics. Depending on the plan you purchase, you can add multiple users, platforms, and social channels, so you can manage all of your social accounts from one place. The priority inbox updates every 15 minutes, and you can export reports but schedule them to auto deliver. With so many features, it can help take your business' social media presence to the next level. 
  3. AllProWebTools (APWT) - This is the tool we use as our CRM and email campaign manager. With APWT, it's easy to create eye-catching emails and customize them with images and links. You can add contacts to tags and audiences to make sure your message gets to all the right people, and automate your emails to send whenever a new contact is added to the tag. You can also track the results of your campaign and view month-over-month progress. These are just a few of the features APWT has to make your job easier, but they're definitely some of our favorites.
  4. 24 sessions - 24sessions is a video chat tool that you can use to connect with your customers. It's especially helpful in social campaigns because after someone responds to your lead magnet or website lead form, you can send them directly to a 24sessions calendar to schedule a meeting with you. 24sessions offers different video formats and features depending on whether you're using the video chat for sales demos, recruitment, or a number of other purposes. You can also share your screen, record chats, and see the reviews your customers leave you.

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