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Why Podcasting Is The Opportunity You Can't Afford To Pass Up

Most individuals have listened to a podcast or two. That's because podcasting is growing in popularity in parallel with the ease and accessibility of technology and access to the internet.

What does this mean for you as a business owner? This is your chance to dive deeper into your industry to magnetize the right audience using an audio format.

Just like the posts and ads that get distributed on social media to drive people to your website or landing page, short video/audio clips can as well. Because no one 'owns' the podcasting space, this is a great time to get in and serve your audience with even more value.

Getting Started is Easy

You might be asking, "won't I need to get expensive equipment or even build a soundproof booth in my home?" Nope. "Don't I need a great on-air personality and sponsors and a co-host?" Nope. Don't overthink it, it's not super complicated.

To get started you can use your iPhone and find a relatively quiet space; simple. Sign up with Anchor for a free account. Anchor's service will allow you to record right inside of their app or webpage as well as edit and publish. They'll even take your published episodes and distribute them to all of the major podcasting platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

Plan and Collaborate

Let go of the pressure to have a professionally scripted show and just make sure you stick to some talking points you'd like to hit. Another way to think of your format is to have an outline of points you could easily go on for hours about but limiting yourself for 5 or 10-minute segments.

Even if you feel comfortable talking to your audience by yourself, it's a good idea to collaborate with others related to your industry. This helps to put you and your brand in front of their audience and vice versa. This also helps to give a nice tonal and topical variety to your program that a growing audience will enjoy.

Social Promotion Made More Compelling

However often you release new episodes, you've now just given yourself more great content to share on social media. For example, you can take an audio snippet of 30 - 60 seconds and turn it into a transcription video that works well across all social platforms. Additionally, you can take a significant moment from an episode and design a quote graphic to share.

As a bonus, you can submit the audio frontier podcast to a transcription service and publish the generated text as a blog post! Taking the time to record and publish your show gives you lots of easy wins to help you grow your audience. Because many people listen to podcasts in their cars they won't be easily distracted with much else. Getting started is simple start creating a loyal following now!

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