Our Standards


You should get what you pay for.

We hear many horror stories of businesses that have invested thousands of dollars into a marketing agency who simply didn’t deliver. To us, the first and foremost responsibility of a business is to deliver on the expectations of their client! It is our promise and guarantee that we will deliver on the services we propose and you will get exactly what you pay for.

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You should never have unexpected charges.

A marketing plan and strategy should be well thought out. A professional marketer should discuss and educate you on what kind budget your goals need at the beginning of the process. We set clear expectations of our service fees and ad cost needed so you know exactly how much is being spent and how.

Lakeland MARKETING Team

Your marketing should be goal oriented.

If a marketer is not dialed in on every detail of your business the odds are they will not be able to communicate your message effectively to your target audience. We ask a lot of questions so we really understand what it is you do and why. This is crucial to understanding your goals and putting together an effective marketing strategy.


We will be responsive.

Putting together and implementing a successful marketing strategy usually requires a lot of moving parts and preparation. We promise to maintain active communication with you during every stage of your campaign so you know exactly what is happening and why. This will also make a massive difference when we need to adjust or change the strategy.

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You deserve our best.

You are busy and don’t have time to keep track of every change in the marketing industry. That is why you hire an agency! We stay plugged into the most relevant sources to make sure your marketing stays effective and relevant. We also stay on top of the latest certifications and courses to keep up with the always changing trends.

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We leverage modern technology.

Not only do we stay on top of algorithm and platform changes, we also use the best technology to manage our campaigns and clients. We have invested in industry leading management and content creation tools, which help us develop more content, more quickly. This ensures we can give every client unique and original content.