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By: ScottCox Monday September 24, 2018 comments Tags: algorithm, audiences, content creation, content strategy, instagram, instagram algorithm, Instagram marketing, marketing strategy, social media news, hashtag

Calling all small Florida businness owners! Your local social media agency has a new Instagram tip for you!

One thing about Instagram that gets interesting is seeing all the hundreds of hashtags tucked anywhere users can get them. Which leads us to one of the main questions that we get asked:

  • Should you put the hashtags in your Instagram post or in the first comment?
  • Is one better than the other?

The truth simply is that it doesn't matter when it comes to the algorithm but it does look better. When you put hashtags in your first comment, it makes the image caption clean and clear. It also allows the first comment with all the hashtags to be pushed downward after a few comments are posted on your post. Therefore this question really comes down to a look verse data. Well, we have great news, that question soon may become relevant. In a recent tweet, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong stated:

"Instagram is testing the ability to add hashtags to posts without including it in the post caption".

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In the testing stage there doesn't appear to be the typical 30 hashtag limit. Although you can expect it will happen. Instagram's current hashtag policy (30 tags max per post).

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This new feature would make a great addition. Users would spend less time trying to work out the most effective way to add hashtags to their Instagram posts. This then would leave much of the guesswork out and give users a clear and focused image and caption. While also adding the most relevant tags to increase the users maximize reach.

There is no clear date when this feature will be available to users. We have contacted Instagram for a comment and will update the story accordingly.

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