5 Ways Our New Management Tool Can Help You

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We get it. Managing your social media profiles while running a business is tough. You have to think about keeping up with your employees, pleasing your clients, and making sure your systems are running smoothly. To do social media well and get the most benefit from it, you need help.

Thankfully, we have a tool that helps you take care of every part of social management. We're launching our new management tool in just a few weeks, and we want you to know about it beforehand. Here are 5 ways our new social media management tool can help you.

Curation & Publishing

In social media marketing, the posts on your profiles should be consistent, strategic, and high-quality. But that can be difficult if you're trying to come up with content and post it day by day.

With our new management tool, curating and scheduling content was never easier. The Curate section allows you to search keywords and find articles related to that word. You can even save searches so you can come back to the list. After you find an article you want to use, you can save it in My Content Library. When you're ready to use it, you can find it saved as a draft in your library, ready to be edited and shared.

When you're ready to schedule, the tool can send posts to any platform - including Instagram and Google My Business - at any time in the future. Plus, you can choose optimal posting times, attach images, schedule in bulk, customize posts for each platform, turn on repeat posting, and more.


Replying to comments, answering inquiries through Messenger, and seeing retweets is incredibly important when you're running social media profiles. You have to be able to see engagement with your profiles quickly, and logging into each platform manually is far too cumbersome for your busy schedule.

Our management tool includes the Priority Inbox, which shows you all the engagement your profiles are getting. Once you add a service to show up in the Inbox, you can see and respond to messages, like or reply to comments, and like retweets. To follow users and see your feeds on Instagram or Twitter accounts, you do have to login to your profiles at this time. But with our tool, managing the engagement your page gets is easy, streamlined, and fast.


Blogging is incredibly important in today's social media climate. It boosts SEO, provides value to customers, and establishes you as an expert in your industry. But depending on the host site you use, posting blogs isn't always user-friendly and doesn't always give you the SEO capabilities you need. At best, switching to another site to post your blog is annoying and time consuming.

But with our management tool, you can post blogs with detailed SEO information, without switching tabs. Our tool provides integration with your blog site so you can post your blog directly to sites like Wordpress or Medium without leaving the interface.

You can control your SEO directly from the interface, too. Set your meta title and description, tags, and categories in the same window as your post. No switching windows or even websites. Just copy and paste your blog, enter your SEO information, attach an image, and schedule your blog to be sent whenever you want. It's as easy as that!


Maybe the most important part of social media marketing is listening to the conversation that's already going on in your industry. Following keywords, industry leaders, influencers, and potential customers is all a way to engage in social listening. But social listening is time consuming and cumbersome if you don't have the right tools.

Our management tool allows you to follow keywords, users, and hashtags so you can monitor what's going on in your industry. Its straightforward and user-friendly interface saves you time and headache, and shows you all kinds of content - blogs, articles, and social media posts. Now you can conveniently keep track of the online conversation around your business.


Publishing content and managing profiles is just one side of social media. You also need to track and report your results so you can improve your strategy. But without a tool to help you, gathering and analyzing that data from each of your social media platforms is very difficult.

The management tool we'll be launching on May 17 takes care of all your social reporting needs. When you add a profile to your account, you can create custom reports that include the metrics you choose on the profiles you choose. That means that you see only the information you need to see in the reports you create.

You can also email those reports to anyone directly from the tool's interface. The tool's reporting capabilities are perfect for gathering, analyzing, and sharing your social data.

We're so excited to share this management tool with you at our Business Networking and Product Launch Event on May 17th! We'd love for you to join us for a fun night of connecting with other professionals and learning how to better your social media presence. Find more info and register for the event here! As always, you can visit our website, send us a message on Facebook Messenger, or join our Facebook group. Hope to hear from you soon!

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