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By: ScottCox Wednesday December 5, 2018 comments Tags: content creation, content management system, content strategy, instagram business profile, instagram stories, marketing strategy, social media marketing, social media tools

Instagram has grown into a marketing powerhouse for almost all top global brands. The interactive and fan-engaging platform has helped businesses see a number of amazing conversions. However, each platform has its own common practices that work with the platform verse against. Below you will find some of the latest best practices for Instagram.

Great Visuals, More Engagement

Instagram is all about having great visuals. With people scrolling news feeds up and down their Insta feed, engagement levels on top images are always higher. If a relatable market link is embedded with the image, the possibility of the link assuring a hit is imminent. With over an estimated 93% of the buyers recommending their purchase via these visual images.

Timing and Regular Posts see More Conversions

One of the best marketing practices involving Instagram is to post links and images constantly. Thus, for the marketers, choosing certain times to start regularly posting every week will trigger positive outcomes. However, be sure to set the time as per your target audience to have more engagement giving greater conversions.

Surveys is an Effective Means to Engage with Audience

Instagram Marketing sees some of the innovative means to connect with your customers. However, if the page becomes more fan-engaging means, the chances of positive business conversions becomes higher. For an instance, asking frequent questions and contesting online polls tells a lot about your target audiences.

Call to Action is one of the Best Practices in any Social Media

Call to Action is one of the best tips, having a clear way for prospects to reach out or purchase a product will increase sells. For an example, with a call to action option, a business page can lead a new fan or existing one towards a conversion. Suppose, the business sells shirts, the link will provide tags, where the customer can click to purchase the same.

Videos have Better Conversions than Images

Posting a video can be very useful in Instagram Marketing. Despite an astonishing 72.5% of the total media in the site is images, videos are comparatively lower. However, fans engage more with video content. Videos have over 21.15% more engagement than images.

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