Loyal Customers: Why you Need Them and How to Get Them

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In today's social media climate, knowing your customers and serving them is more important than ever. The Facebook scandal has made people more aware of how much data is out there and how much they're being targeted with that information. Regardless of the chilling effect that may have for some people, customers really do want you to know about them and cater to their needs. A recent study has found that 79% of consumers want businesses that market to them to understand and care about "me." And 56% said that they are loyal to brands that deeply understand their priorities and preferences.

So customers want you to pay attention to them, and are more likely to be loyal customers if you do. But what's the impact loyal customers can make on your business? First of all, it's hard to make a profit without loyal customers. The average clothing brand doesn't make money until a customer's 4th purchase, and don't even break even until they've retained a customer for a year.

But even better, loyal customers spend more than short-term customers. The amount customers spend in months 31-36 of being with your brand is 67% higher than the amount they spend in 0-6 months. Even more astounding is the statistic that a customer's 5th purchase is 40% larger than their first, and their 10th purchase is 80% larger than their first. Plus, you can upsell and cross-sell loyal customers more easily than short-term customers. And loyal customers refer other customers. On average, a customer refers 3-4 people after their 1st purchase, but 7-13 people after their 10th purchase.

So how do you practically build brand loyalty so that you can get customers who are willing to spend more money with you? You have to know them. Remember, 79% of consumers want you to understand and care about them. But knowing your customers isn't as hard as it sounds.

First of all, know how and where to collect relevant data. You can learn a lot about the people who interact with your Facebook Page via Facebook Insights and Audience Insights in your ads manager. The "People" section of both will break down the demographics and habits of your audience so you can target them better. Google Analytics also has powerful data you can use to know and target your audience. Tools like Hotjar help you see exactly what customers are doing on your website so you can tailor it to them. Maybe the most important is having a master database system where you can store customer purchase history, contact info, product inventory, and customer information. That way, you can store the information you collect to use it in future.

Next, you need to know how to act on that data. Use the knowledge of your audience to create content that will connect with them and respond to their pain points and concerns. When customers comment with personal information, reach out to them with personalized messages and go above their expectations to show that you care. And when you do sales and promotionals, make offers that appeal to them and follow through in a timely way.

Don't slack on customer support, either. Studies have found that 42% of consumers say they'll "break up" with a brand over a lack of real-time customer support. When you get reviews on Facebook or Google, respond to both good and bad quickly and show that you care about their opinion. And remember, brand loyalty looks different for different generations - 64% of millennials have as much or more brand loyalty as their parents. But younger customers are more likely to respect transparency, good business practices, and environmentally friendly efforts.

So, is it possible to know your customers very well and use that knowledge to create loyal customers? Absolutely. Does it take time, effort, and resources to do that? Absolutely. Is it worth it? We hope this blog has shown that it is.

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