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Nurture Your Leads With These 5 Emails

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In our last entry, we introduced the 5 Email Sequence that you'll need to nurture an ongoing relationship with you and your brand. Think about it this way: if a guy sees some girl that he finds absolutely beautiful and then proceeds to ask her to marry him, that conversation wouldn't go so well. He's only just met her and he's already moving in to seal the deal! If he wants any shot at being with her forever they'll need to be properly introduced, go on a series of dates, get to know each other better, and then he can pop the question.

How often do we treat our leads this way though? We'd probably get more "I do's" if we worked harder to not scare them off with such aggressive sales strategies!

Thank You Email

This first email should be sent automatically after someone fills out your online form. Then as promised the free PDF or resource. Simply send a thank you to them for requesting the resource. Then be sure to provide the link to whatever they signed up for. The remaining emails can then are scheduled through a software service this is called a drip campaign. Emails are then "dripped" over a period of time, they certainly wouldn't appreciate them all at once.

Problem & Solution

This email should provide an example of a common problem, or set of problems, that your product or service is able to solve. This is a perfect setup to show how you can provide a practical solution to a common pain point. This email your potential customer should be able to easily identify with. Don't be long-winded with this email; remember, less is more. As long as you hit the basic ABC's for your reader you'll communicate your solution with clarity.


You could probably go on about how your company has just the solution people are looking for but you're so close to your product or service on a daily basis. Let your raving fans do all of the talking in this email! If you're not already, you'll want to be gathering customer feedback, both positive and negative, not only to improve your offerings but also to publish and use in your marketing. Find a recent 5-star review from a very satisfied customer and use it as the body of the email. When your satisfied customers do all of the talking people tend to trust what they have to say.

Overcome an Objection

This is the email that answers the underlying thought in the back of your customer's mind, "but will this product/service actually help to solve my problem?" There are a number of bite-sized objections that will surface at this point in the relationship and you'll need to be proactive in quelling them. Try to treat this email like a proactive Q & A, but instead of answering questions you're really answering their objections. Create a list of about 5 - 7 questions/objections that a given prospect might have about making a first-time purchase and provide simple and direct answers to these. By doing this you'll dismantle any walls that the reader may have built in their minds brick-by-brick.

Sales Letter

At this point, you're getting down on one knee and showing them a shiny ring! (...sort of...) This sales letter needs to sound as human as possible and explain why your product or service is a good fit for them. A good way to recapitulate the arc of your relationship with this reader is to use the PAS format (Problem, Agitate, Solution). First, present the problem that your offering aims to solve. Next, you'll want to Agitate the problem by explaining what life will be like if that issue doesn't get resolved. This is kind of like pouring salt on a wound. Lastly, you'll want to clearly state how your company can help them avoid that type of lifestyle of pain altogether with what you're offering them.

Continue Providing Value

If after reading through all of those emails your potential customer turns you down, don't get discouraged. You can send them a bonus email after so many days to surprise and delight them with something they weren't expecting. Am I talking about a discount or coupon? You could do that, but something more valuable than devaluing your offering is gathering feedback from them as to why they didn't take action on the offer. If you can get that level of detail from your readers it helps you to tweak and tune your email sequence to make sure you're closing the gap with your leads going forward, and that's worth a lot! 

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