Landing Pages Turn Website Visitors Into Leads

By: ScottCox Friday October 5, 2018 comments Tags: ad strategy, audiences, content creation, content management system, content strategy, management tools, marketing strategy, sales conversions, social media tools, landing pages, engagement, website, lead generation, leads, call to action

Having a CTA (Call To Action) can make difference when it comes to turning website visitors into customers. A CTA will direct the visitor towards an action and a landing page converts that visitor into a lead.

The call to action is the key ingredient to any effective landing page.

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Landing pages are vital for website conversion, instead of your visitor wondering how to proceed, you help direct them towards a action. That can be an eye-catching, brightly colored button to guide them to subscribe now or to move into the buying process. Landing pages give you the ability to capture the information of your visitor. They can help you turn an audience that you don't know into one that you do.

Here are 3 important areas of having a landing page.

Trust and Value

Landing pages help you quickly build trust and value around your products or services. Compared to websites, landing pages offer fewer distractions and consolidated content. You can give information about your service, promotion, event, or offer quickly and concisely. And with a few pictures and video to add visual appeal, plus testimonials to prove your business' effectiveness, your audience can get the information they want in seconds. Plus, landing pages offer a social-like scrolling experience so viewers can absorb information quickly and clearly. Need quality content? You have to read this blog!

Tracking and Testing

Like websites, landing pages offer you the ability to track visitors, see what they viewed, and monitor where they convert. But unlike websites, landing pages also offer the ability to test pages. You can first instantly track visitors, conversions, and traffic sources to see how traffic arrives and if they are ready to make a purchase decision. Then, you can create split-test adjustments with even small details to improve design, flow, and effectiveness. With landing pages, you can quickly and easily adjust to get the best results possible. 

Energize Conversions

Landing pages are an essential complement to a successful ad campaign for your Florida small business. Once you have built a targeted audience with rapport and trust for your brand, you can then send them to a well-designed landing page. A good landing page is a simple way to encourage your visitor to make a purchase decision. It educates viewers, asks them to take an action, and influences them to make a purchasing decision quicker. It streamlines and simplifies your customer's process and your own process to save you money and increase ROI. Read more about social media ROI here.


At Social Reach, we leverage all AllProWebTools when creating our landing pages. They offer landing page creation with no contracts, on a month-to-month basis for $30 per month. The program also includes integrated email marketing and an effective Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) tool. This feature is invaluable, it saves you time because you don't have to export contacts from your landing page software into your email marketing software, it is done right from AllProWebTools. 

Most landing page technologies allow you to use their tools to create landing pages outside of your website, with complicated steps to integrate the pages onto your website's URL. The problem with these options is that if you ever want to stop using their service, you will lose your landing pages and will have to rebuild them on another platform. With AllProWebTools, the sign-up forms can be embedded within the pages of your website. So if you have your website on Wordpress, your landing pages can be built right within your Wordpress site. Read this blog for detailed instructions on How to Create Landing Pages Using AllProWebTools' Land Page Tools.

We use landing pages in every sales funnel we create. They're the perfect tool to serve your customers, maximize your social effectiveness, and bring in more money than ever before. Want to know more about our process of creating sales funnels and how landing pages fit into it?  Get in touch with us via email, Facebook Messenger, or our website. We'd love to hear from you and help you improve your social strategy! You can also join our Facebook Group, Get Your Business Known, to connect with other business owners and get additional Facebook business page engagement support.

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