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By: ScottCox Thursday November 2, 2017 comments Tags: marketing, social marketing, marketing strategy

Keys to Social Media Success

There are no secrets to social media. However, there are a few keys to online success. This success is straightforward and anyone can achieve it, although it does take a lot of work.

However, even though there aren't secrets to social media, there are some keys to success that could help your content strategy immensely. They are:




Consistency helps your audience recognize you and know your business is active. When people visit your FaceBook page and the latest post is from 4 months ago, or even 1 month ago, they assume you're not serious about engaging with them and are less likely to engage with you, much less buy from you.

We've seen Instagram accounts that haven't had a post in 6 months. On LinkedIn, consistency is important to show to other businesses that you're serious about networking, and by posting regularly on GoogleMyBusiness, you can actually boost your Google ranking!

To demonstrate the importance of consistency, think about a grocery store: if the shelves are mostly empty and no one's around, you turn around and walk out. Your social media profiles are like the shelves in a grocery store. People want to know you're stocked and ready to serve - if you're not, they move on.

So, how often should you post to be consistent? It's best to post at least every day or every other day, and some platforms prefer multiple posts a day. Of course, figuring out something to post about every day and finding pictures to go along can be hard. The answer? Scheduling.

Get a calendar for the upcoming month and choose what topics you want to highlight during each week. Think about sharing a blog post or video that's related to your business once a week, jot down the general phrase you want to write that post about, and note what pictures you can include with each post.

We hope these tips help you with creating consistency in your social media profiles! Stay tuned for posts about the other keys to social media success!

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