3 Smartest Ways to Use Instagram in a Social Media Strategy

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Lots of people use Instagram to market their Florida business because someone told them it's a great marketing tool. But not many people use Instagram the right way - the way that integrates with the rest of their social media strategy and actually increases profits. Here are 3 smartest ways to use Instagram in a successful social media strategy:

A Brand Definition

Although a defined, consistent brand is important across platforms, but on Instagram, your brand can really shine. Because Instagram is a visual platform, you have the opportunity to showcase the colors, images, and atmosphere that make your brand what it is. In fact, having a defined visual brand is important for success on Instagram. Users expect a streamlined, consistent, and visually appealing feed when they visit your profile. Too much variation or visual noise in the pictures will overwhelm the viewer and turn them off.

Foundr does a great job of defining and representing itself on Instagram. Notice that the overall look of the feed is clean and pleasant. The colors are bright but are sprinkled with enough white space that they aren't overwhelming. In fact, Foundr alternates white backgrounds with colored backgrounds to create a checkered pattern in the feed. This pattern subconsciously creates order in the viewer's eye and makes a favorable impression. Instagram has the unique ability to convey your brand concisely, professionally, and beautifully.   

A Venue for Engagement

Instagram is a place people go for entertainment and beauty more than anything else. On Twitter, anything from meme wars to current events is popular, and Facebook specializes in video content. But Instagram is where you can entertain followers, impress them with striking photos, and like Foundr, motivate them with quotes. The value you share on Instagram through pictures should attract customers to your brand and get them interacting with you. Immediate action isn't always necessary. The first step is getting people to follow you and consistently interact with your content.

Nobody engages their audience like Moonpie. If you don't already follow them on Instagram, you should do it. Their crazy pictures and witty captions really do make you want a moonpie! And even if you don't buy one, you're likely to think well of the brand because they make you laugh. Make your audience laugh at your jokes, catch their breath at your beautiful pictures, and take a moment to reflect on the quotes you share. They won't unfollow you. Here are 5 other ways to interact with potential customers. 

A Traffic Source

The first two tips are great ways to integrate Instagram into your overall social media strategy, but using Instagram as a traffic source is the main way to integrate it into specific campaigns. You can use the link in your bio strategically to move potential customers from Instagram to your site. If you build your following to more than 10,000, you can also use the link option in Instagram stories to move followers to your site.


Anthropologie does a great job of showcasing their brand, engaging audience members, and driving traffic to their website. They use the link in their profile, the link option in stories, and the product tagging feature to move their followers to a platform where they can purchase.

Since Instagram has limited link and ad options, it's important to maximize on the advantage it does have - a traffic source. drive as much traffic as possible to your profile and then to your website or landing page. Between posts, stories, and the link in your bio.

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