Instagram's 4 Best Practices

By: ScottCox Monday December 11, 2017 comments Tags: Florida Marketing Strategy, Florida Social Media Marketing, Lakeland Florida Marketing Company, Lakeland Florida Marketing

Instagram may seem like the mystical realm of sparkly millennials and cacti-loving hipsters. But Instagram's user base is growing, and it can be the perfect way to tell your brand's story and reach your audience of any age. Here are some basic best business practices for Instagram:

  1. Like and comment every day.
    It may seem time consuming, but the best way to grow followers and engagement is to organically engage yourself. Search hashtags to find and follow users in your audience, as well as influencers in your market. Take time every day to flip through your feed, like posts on every relevant account, and comment on outstanding content. You can even go directly to your followers list and like the most recent post on every account. The more you engage, the more attention will come your way - which ultimately means more conversions.
  2. Keep quality consistent.
    Quality content is especially important on Instagram. High resolution, well-edited pictures are extremely important in putting your best face forward. If you don't have enough high quality custom pictures of your Lakeland business, look for stock photos. For more info on producing creative, quality content, check out our blog, Keys to Social Media Success: Creativity.
  3. Hashtag it up!
    As shallow as hashtags may seem, they're the bread and butter of organic reach on Facebook as well as Instagram. And although Facebook limits the ideal number of hashtags per post, Instagram has no limits. Find popular hashtags on, a free site that allows you to search hashtags and their statistics, and get creative in the hashtags you choose! To shorten your copy and make posts easier for followers to read, you can use only a few interesting hashtags in your actual post and comment with any other hashtags. Either way, you can't go wrong with hashtags on Instagram.
  4. Tell a story.
    Everyone loves a good story, but given the visual orientation of Instagram, this platform is designed for creative storytelling. In as many posts as possible, tell the story that goes along with every picture. Wondering what stories to tell? You can start with why you got into the business, bios of your employees, and customer reviews. Then you can tell the stories of your products and services, how they came into being and how they help customers. Even the day-to-day life of your business can be told in a picture and a few sentences.

We hope these best practices help you in your use of Instagram. And as always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to message us! 

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