Increase Conversions with Professional Video & Photos

By: Anna Wednesday March 6, 2019 comments Tags: branding, business strategy, content strategy, facebook marketing, marketing strategy, photo shoot, social media, social media agency, social media content, social media marketing, video shoot


Did you know that videos can make you some serious money? Placing a product video on your landing page so it's the first thing viewers see can increase conversions by 80%.

Plus, 83% of businesses share that video, which provides a strong return on investment (ROI). Don't have anything but your phone to record video with? Consider paying for a custom video shoot that showcases your products or services.

Even though video production is not the cheapest route, it pays off big time. A knowledgeable videographer can help you come up with something that fits your target audience. Do you need funny? They've got you covered. But what if your demographic prefers seriously professional? A videographer can handle that too. Known for producing all types of video, they can create just the right fit for your needs.

What about photos?

While phone cameras have drastically improved in quality, professional photos will still set your business apart. A professional photographer can make your service or product pop by using all of their equipment such as lighting, filters, etc., that you just can't duplicate on a phone.

For example, realtors, (or really any business) could take advantage of professional photos on a Facebook story.

Take your current hot listing, or most beautiful home and post images in your story and give contact info. You should be doing this every day!

Realtors know the higher the traffic in a home, the quicker it sells. So, increase your digital traffic!

Does this sound great, but you don't know any videographers or photographers? We have some on our team that can do an amazing job! Contact us for more info.



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