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Using Story Arcs On Social

The power of a story is unmatched! The story causes audiences to be captivated by a simple movie trailer and lead to purchasing tickets. It also inspires us to invest our time and money to causes that provide relief for hungry children and abused animals. There's some serious influence that comes from a well-communicated story.

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Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a time-sensitive way to deliver your message. With only 15 seconds per slide, you can post a video, images, and text. The best way to get the most out of this feature is to spread your story out over multiple slides. For example, if you're a local chef introducing a new dish, you could start out by building curiosity. One example is to say, "I've just created the most intense lunch item it's not even on our menu yet!" Then you follow up by explaining a little bit of the process you went through to create it. Now for the big reveal, you post the most beautiful shot of your new burger sliders along with the price. Another great way to leverage this feature is to later post a slide with a 'Question box' to engage with your following. on feedback.

Facebook Carousel Images

Carousel images are when you upload anywhere from 2 - 10 images into a Facebook post (although we recommend no more than 5). This is a great way to show a story arc through still images. The visitor will be able to click through them. Before you upload the photos you'll want to make sure they're formatted all to the same resolution and ratio (ex. 1080x1080 or 1:1 Square). Also writing text with your post that accurately reflects and sums up the emotion of the story.

Twitter Threads

Twitter, the microblogging platform, started with allowing 140 characters to a post. This is a very unique way of allowing you to communicate a short story. The method is called tweet threads, it is signified with a big + symbol. Users now have up to 280 characters per tweet, and you can string multiple short posts. Twitter allows you to add an image, but it is not recommended. Instead, compose carefully worded tweets that are both compelling and add value.

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