Business Owners - Your Website Needs Landing Pages (Right Now) and Here's Why

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When you have a website, it's about more than how many visitors you get - it's about how many of them convert into leads (potential buyers). Getting visitors to transition from simply viewing your site to truly being interested in purchasing your product or service is the first step in forming a relationship between potential customers and your business.

One of the top ways to accomplish this is with the use of landing pages. According to a study conducted by HubSpot, marketers enjoyed a 55% boost in leads when they ramped up the number of landing pages on their website to be within the 10 to 15 range. In other words - that's the sweet spot. Read on below to get a real understanding of exactly what landing pages are and how they can help your small business grow! It's also possible to establish a strong small business advertising and small business marketing in your landing page.

So, What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page on your company's website that is specifically designed for one purpose and one purpose only - converting visitors into leads. Unlike all the other pages on your website, landing pages are unique because they only follow these two rules:

1. They contain a form that allows customers to enter their information (i.e. name, email, and/or phone number) in exchange for a desired offer.
2. Their sole purpose is to convert visitors into leads. Because they serve no other purpose, they do not contain the navigation bar with tabs at the top like you would generally see on any other page of your website. No distractions. Just a nifty form!

Here's an example of what a landing page looks like:

Landing Pages Let Everyone Win

Every day, people exchange their money for goods and services. Whether you're paying for a coffee at Starbucks or a Netflix subscription, you're getting something you want and the business you're paying is receiving something they want. The exchange is mutually beneficial. It's also through the landing page where you can sell what you're offering. This makes it great for small business advertising and small business marketing.

Landing pages work the same way.

On a landing page, you're offering something that would be valuable to your potential customers and in exchange, your potential customers are giving you something that would be valuable to your business (their information).

They get the treat they were looking for and so do you.

Like we said - it's a win-win.

Why Is It So Important to Get Leads (Apart From Getting Sales)?

So, let's say one of your landing pages is successful and someone fills out your form with their information.

Pat yourself on the back - you've got a new lead! You now have the opportunity to convert that lead into a customer and make a sale! 

But leads are important, even if they don't convert. Here are a few reasons why getting people to fill out your landing pages is essential to the success of your small business and to the effectiveness of your small business marketing:

⦁ They can help create tremendous traffic.
⦁ More traffic can lead to an increase in sales and higher conversion rates (Remember: Conversion is the action whereby a visitor becomes a potential buyer).
⦁ By generating good leads, you are creating a target group of all the people who are looking to purchase a product or a service as it relates to your small business.
⦁ You can use those target groups to help you narrow down and optimize your marketing efforts so that more of the right customers are finding you online.
⦁ When you have more of the right customers giving you their information, that means that you're getting more quality leads.

And what does it mean to have more quality leads?

Well - that means you're connecting with more people that have a higher probability of purchasing your product or service.

So, when you've got a new lead, enjoy the excitement - you deserve it! But, remember - it's not just about getting the leads - it's what you do with them.

We've written a nifty number about how to effectively use leads after you've acquired them. Once you've got a solid understanding of how landing pages can help grow your small business from this post, we highly recommend you check it out.

Here's the Recap.

Having a website for your business is fantastic and absolutely necessary in today's tech-forward world. And while it's certainly important to attract many visitors to your site, what's more imperative is converting those visitors into potential buyers of your products or services.

This is where the magic of landing pages comes in. 

⦁ Landing pages only serve one purpose and that is to convert visitors to potential buyers. Therefore, they are very straightforward pages. On a landing page, you'll simply find a form and nothing else. No distractions. Short and sweet.
⦁ Landing pages provide value to both businesses and potential customers, so they're always win-win.
⦁ The number of landing pages you should ideally have for your website is between 10 and 15.
⦁ Once a visitor fills out their information, they are now a potential customer to your business - or in other words, a lead.
⦁ It's not just about getting leads, it's what you do with them.
⦁ When used effectively, leads can help you increase sales, conversion rates and even optimize marketing efforts.

In a nutshell, if you want your small business to be successful, do yourself a favor and add some landing pages to your website. There are plenty of online resources to try and figure out how to do this yourself, but the process can be long, exhaustive and daunting - especially if you do not have any previous web development experience.

Luckily, here at Social Reach Agency in Lakeland, FL, our team can take care of generating beautiful landing pages, as well as managing your online social platforms for optimal outreach. Feel free to sit back, relax and browse the many marketing services we offer to help small businesses reach and even exceed sales goals. At your convenience, don't hesitate to schedule a consultation with us. We're here, we're excited and we are ready to help!

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