How to Use a Social Media Calendar for Your Holiday Campaigns

By: ScottCox Tuesday December 26, 2017 comments Tags: social media calendar, Lakeland Florida Marketing Company, Lakeland Florida Marketing, Florida Social Media Marketing

Recently we shared about the importance of creating a social media calendar, and now we're going to look at how to use a social media calendar to plan out the holidays and marketing strategies for 2018. Once you have the calendar in hand, what do you do next to make sure your social media campaigns get the results you're looking for?

Identify Audience

First, identify key audience segments, not just in January but throughout the year. Research to discover your  audience segments and how they are divided (purchase history, or use case). It's very difficult to know how your audience interacts with your brand if you don't understand your audience.

Implement Facebook Pixel

Next, ensure your Facebook tracking pixel is working correctly since you will heavily depend upon it during holiday campaigns. This allows you monitor your ads and track their results as well as create several different types of high-value custom audiences. If you don't have a Facebook pixel in your site, AdEspresso's offers an easy and free WordPress plugin Pixel Caffeine. Already have a pixel, but it doesn't seem to be working right, check out Facebook's Pixel Helper, a free Google Chrome extension that shares what pixels are showing up on your site when you visit it. This tool can also help you troubleshoot if there is an issue so you can't get it running correctly again before you launch your next campaign. Thinking about advertising on Facebook? Here are 3 things you need to know.....

Utilize Landing Pages

landing pages ahead of time so they are ready to work for you when you need them. Make sure the offer you'll show on your ads matches exactly on the landing pages or your ad account could get suspended. Also, include all appropriate terms and services on the landing page. If you're ready to start using landing pages, but have no idea where to start, contact us to see how we can help.

Here are just a sample of things we can do to grow your business via online marketing.


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