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By: ScottCox Tuesday December 18, 2018 comments Tags: marketing strategy, social media agency, social media content, social media management, social media marketing, social media strategy, social media tools, video, video marketing

If you are anywhere near social media recently, you would notice video content everywhere. From microblogging sites to major social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, video content is everywhere. What does that signify and why is this all happening now? 

When you look back, there was a time when marketers only sought out for content writing and management. Slowly, images became a hot property. People taking snaps of everything and sharing with the world, it became clear that images are here to stay. Just like that, it is now time for video content. Let us check out the latest trends in video marketing

  • Go Live! With all the apps now promoting and allowing 'Live' video feature, it has become possible to make a video of everything that the creator thinks is relevant. So, from LinkedIn to Facebook, to Instagram, you can do this Live video. Besides just taking a live video, you can also try to keep interacting with the audience in real-time. 
  • YouTube is Hot! This is nothing new to you, probably! However, the last few years saw people spending two times as much time on YouTube than on the Telly. This product of Google sees more and more demand and with new channels mushrooming every now and then. It proves that people are making a transition like no other. 
  • Digital Ads via videos: Ads by almost all the major and emerging brands is seeing an all-time high in video format. Marketers are noting this and with YouTube customizing the type of brands to show based on surveys from the viewers, brands are making the most of it.
  • Engaging Content works: Just like how content was in the past, and then the 'story-telling' through images worked on Instagram, now it is time for videos. Engaging and even short ads with straightforward stories make for great viewing. Marketers are using creativity to the core. 
  • Relevant hashtag: Hashtags are everywhere and even in video marketing, the brand or product names form ideal hashtags. 
  • Video plus Image and more: As a marketing trend right now, videos are the best. However, that does not completely nullify the efficacy of image or content.


We have to adapt to these changing times and see how more these video strategies and tips can help you in creating conversions too. 

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