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By: ScottCox Saturday October 27, 2018 comments Tags: audiences, content creation, content management system, content strategy, facebook, Facebook alogrithm, facebook marketing, social media agency, social media engagement, engagement, seo

Nerdy Details Matter

If you own a business, small or large, you could be losing out on one of the biggest opportunities when it comes to engaging with your audience! Trust us when we say that the days of generic posts are over. Facebook's algorithm updates at the beginning of the year gave everyone a big wake up call to this reality.

Having an audience of 500 followers, where 250 actively engage means you have a higher engagement ratio than having 2,200 followers and only 300 people actively and engaging. Specific and detailed content is going to hook and magnetize your followers much stronger than generic 'vanilla' style content. What you'll read today will NOT give you any of the following: quick wins, algorithm cheating, magical rabbits from a hat, easy paths, and absolutely no excuses!

(Spoiler Alert: you're going to have to put in the work)

Build Strong Pillars

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You may remember from our last entry that you can create one large piece of 'macro' content and split it up. We'll say it again: this is the strategy that your audience will appreciate and engage with the most. "Why?" you might ask. It's because you're speaking to them in a dialect they've come to expect.

Getting 'nerdy' on the details actually causes followers to read more of a blog post, stay watching a live video, like AND comment (and possibly share) your posts, etc. For example, if you own a bakery then you should be taking time on your live stream to detail the process of how you create the most delicious pumpkin-spice muffins. During the live video, you should be engaging with your audience ask questions. The name of the game is engagement and speaking directly to your audience is what they really want from you.

Lights, Camera, SEO!

You must understand that social platforms rank pages and accounts based on engagement. Producing genuine, enriching content will make your SEO efforts that much easier when your blog articles are well-written and have keywords.

LIVE videos on Facebook is the golden ticket! This is because it is the ultimate way to interact on social in a real way. Facebook even prefers that your audience leaves "thoughtful" long-form comments as opposed to a high volume of short ones. The lesson here is that modern platform technologies will continue to discern and discriminate between content that is genuine and content that is trying to cut corners.

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