Does Facebook's Pixel Helper Really Help?

By: ScottCox Saturday January 13, 2018 comments Tags: facebook pixel helper

If you've wondered if Facebook's Pixel Helper is really worth using, the answer is yes. It helps you verify your pixel works properly, troubleshoot any common errors and learn how to improve performance.

Since pixels are common across most advertising platforms, it's vital to use them in your Facebook advertising. Used to drop a cookie that will track visitors on your website,  the pixel allows you to retarget, advertise to those visitors later. After you advertise to past website visitors, you can also utilize pixels to track their behavior when they're back on your website, which helps measure the effectiveness of your ads.

But what if you have know idea what a pixel really is or how to place a pixel on your website? Consider the the Pixel Helper. It runs in the background, looking on websites for code that looks like the Facebook Pixel. If the code is located, the </> icon in your browser turns blue and a small badge shows up, displaying the number of pixels found on the page.

If you think your pixel is glitching, click the </> icon and a small popup appears, giving the information for debugging your pixel and seeing the data tracked by the pixel.

How do I install Pixel Helper?

To use the Facebook Pixel Helper, you have to have the Chrome web browser installed on your computer. Using the Chrome browser, install the Pixel Helper from the Chrome Store. The Chrome store shows step by step instructions on how to install the extension in your browser. After the Pixel Helper is installed, a small icon </> will show up next to your address bar.

Ready to Track Conversions

Now that the pixel is in place and tracking conversions, it's beneficial for every conversion on your site to result in a "Thank You" page so you can differentiate visitors from actual leads.

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