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Facebook Makes Changes to Page Features - How Can Your Business Benefit?

By: ScottCox Friday August 10, 2018 comments Tags: facebook, facebook marketing, facebook updates, recommendations, social media management, social media marketing

Facebook recently announced updates to their Business Pages that could make a big difference for your Page's visibility and effectiveness. Facebook has added a Recommendations tab, as well as Actions tabs and customized business information. They're also increasing the visibility of your Page's story, expanding Jobs to all pages, and making Events more prominent.

With the new updates, customers will be able to see your Page's story by tapping your Page's profile photo. People who don't follow your Page can see your stories easily to get an inside scoop on your business. Expanding the Jobs feature to all businesses makes it easier for any business to hire people. And the updates to Events will allow businesses to advertise their events with Event Ads and to sell tickets more easily with ticket integrations in Pages. Plus, business information like hours, price ranges, and menus will now be more prominent on your page. Customers looking for updates to hours and menus can find what they're looking for easily in the Home screen.

Another important update is the added Actions that allow customers to convert more easily through Pages. Pages have had CTA buttons for a while, but the new Action buttons will allow customers to take action more specifically and give them more options. Customers can now schedule appointments, order food, write recommendations, and send messages quickly and easily from the Page's Home screen. Read this blog to learn more about Actions.

Probably the best update is the Recommendations feature. Recommendations must be at least 25 characters, and customers can also use pictures and tags - phrases or words that specify what the customer recommends.

All of these features make it easier for fans of your business to leave specific feedback and easier for prospective customers to see what's best about your business. The Recommendation tab is now easily accessible as a tab on your Page. Learn more about Recommendations here.

So what do these updates mean for your business?

It means you now have more advertising power with your Page. The new Recommendations are more prominent and detailed than Reviews, and they allow new customers to discover your business through searches. You can now advertise Events with specific ads, and your customers can take a wider range of specific actions on your page. With the updated stories, you can showcase your business and your personality more visibly. And the updated business information allows you to get information to customers more quickly.

You can best take advantage of these updates by posting on your story regularly, updating your business information with all changes, and giving incentives to customers who leave Recommendations. Since Recommendations are much more powerful than Reviews, you should be actively recruiting them.

If you need help understanding the new updates or finding ways to change your strategy to maximize them, give us a shout! Email us, message us, check out our website, or set up a consultation to talk strategy with us directly! We can't wait to help your business grow!

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