Snap, Crackle, Pop: Creating Effective Facebook Ads

By: Anna Thursday January 9, 2020 comments Tags: facebook ads, facebook marketing, social media marketing, landing pages, paid ads


Are you running Facebook ads but aren't getting the results you want? Are you paying high CPA rates but aren't getting conversions? Are you stumped on how to improve your ads? This blog is for you. Here are 3 areas to focus on to create effective Facebook ads:

Snap: Text

With Facebook ads, you have character count limitations, so writing text can be tricky. In general, you want your ad copy to snap. Don't worry about complete sentences. Use phrases, emojis, dashes, and symbols to add punch to your copy. You want to grab your reader's attention, explain what the deal is, and sell them on the deal. The copy needs equal parts explanation and salesmanship, clarity and style.

Even though emojis, phrases, and symbols are great ways to engage readers' attention, you may not need them depending on your product or service.

For example, this MasterClass ad relies more heavily on images than on text to sell the product. This ad copy explains what they're offering in one sentence with no frills. But notice the sentence is still streamlined and well-written. The text is clear and stylistic and lets the images do their job.

On the other hand, this ad from JustFab uses text in a different way, but still very effective.

The copy has no unnecessary characters, uses emojis to engage the eyes and emotions, and uses line breaks to organize and clarify the text. Again, the images are the focal point of the ad. But the text clearly conveys the special offer, matches the fun style of the images, and still allows the images to speak for themselves.

With ad copy, clarity and simplicity are the main ideas. Many times, the images in the ad should be the main draw, so the text should be the sideshow. Above everything, be clear, concise, and simple. You'll most likely need to edit, edit, and edit again to get the copyright. But once it clicks, your precision will pay off.

Crackle: Landing pages

One of the most important parts of ads is the landing pages the ad links to. An effective landing page will load quickly, make buying easy, and prove why it's a good reason to buy. If your page loads slowly, your customers may lose interest and decide not to buy. Loading time should be no longer than 3 seconds. A fast loading time is important to make sure conversions are happening.

The forms in landing pages that gather contacts or place orders should also be simple and easy to fill out. Sometimes you'll want the Facebook ad to link directly to a landing page with a form. But sometimes you'll want an extra landing page in between the ad and the form to really sell the deal. That extra landing page should be set up to answer all a customer's initial questions about the deal. Why do I need this product/service? Why is it worth my money? Who are you and why should I trust you? What makes this product/service better than any others? You can use pictures, videos, reviews, and infographics to answer these questions. Landing pages are your time to set yourself apart and make the sale.

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Pop: Images

We've hinted at it all along, but images are the key to effective Facebook ads. Not only are they the best way to catch viewers' attention, but they're also great at explaining the why and how of the deal. Getting high-quality, edited pictures is the first step. You can use pictures of your product, of your employees working, or of completed projects. Original pictures of your business are better than stock photos, and pictures should always be edited.

(Check out our blog on visual creativity for tips on taking and editing pictures!)

You need pictures that can tell a story and invite viewers into it. Ad images like these from Paleo Hacks and Shein not only convey the message but draw viewers in.

The image is what we see first, and it makes us want the lotion and the dessert bites. After we see the image, we're motivated to read the caption and click the ad. Your ad images should do the same thing. The image should stop customers in their tracks within the first second or two and demand attention. If it doesn't, customers will keep scrolling.

Getting these three areas of ads right can be tricky, but it's so important if you want to be successful with Facebook ads. Of course, targeting is a huge part of success, too, and we've devoted a lot of time to talking about it. Check out our blogs on sales funnels, audiences, and retargeting.

We've talked about a lot of aspects of social media marketing in this blog. Thankfully, you don't have to navigate the social market alone. Our services include strategy consultation, sales funnel creation, ad creation and management, and even custom videography and photography. Email us, message us, or set up a consultation to learn how we can help you. We're ready to take your business to the next level!


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