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Whether you are running an online or offline store, you surely can do a lot more with quality marketing tactics. Remember that every year, there is a rise of 7% of users on the Internet and a rise of 13% on social media sites. This rise is not just spotted in the US alone. Today, it is a global phenomenon.

Bloggers, content creators, and digital marketers are using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like. They spend a lot of time creating, posting, cross-posting, re-sharing stories on their feeds and more. They also respond to the clients online almost immediately. 

What are the Changes Happening in Social Media?

  • A fine mix of all formats: It is not possible to make a big mark or draw in customers with a single post. It is not practical to also just have a single video or image to make you a brand. It requires regular uploads on all formats. So, it should be a heady concoction of video, audio, image and content sharing that will make a big change. 
  • Select one favorite social media: Though all the marketers will be using social media sites as per the stats, 77% of the marketers might use one site lesser. This preference is stemming from their strategy or previous luck that they might have found earlier. 
  • Facebook customizing feed options: This is a tool that Facebook has implemented whereby, you get to see more posts of your friends and families. This is a bid by Facebook to make it more personal and not just a major turnkey marketing hub. Though a few marketers are worried about how it will affect their ads and organic reach of their brands on Facebook. 
  • Other social media sites cleaning up too! This is a big change seen in recent times. Twitter has already been working on removing what it thinks as 'suspicious' accounts. Instagram also has algorithms to prevent small businesses from hogging the limelight. 


These changes are followed by a rising concern of data leaks of individuals whom we see worldwide. However, businesses that are keen on growing are doing everything to lap up all these and still move on ahead. 

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