Emojis and Business Posts

By: ScottCox Tuesday September 25, 2018 comments Tags: audiences, content creation, content strategy, emoji, facebook, facebook marketing, human emotion, instagram, marketing, marketing strategy, social media content, social media strategy, emojis

Should businesses use emojis on social media?

Absolutely! Emojis have the ability to bring a personal element to a post. But like all things, there is a time and place. For some businesses or situations, it may be inappropriate to use certain emojis. Our recommendation is to be mindful of which emojis you use. Keep it simple and light-hearted. Human emotion is the fastest way to connect with the person on the other side of the screen and emojis do that. Emoji an emotional marketing platform released a report, stating that 92% of the online population use emojis. Think about that!

The Facts

92% of people are using emojis to communicate and interact with each other on a personal level. Now ask yourself that question again should I use emojis in my business posts? Well yes unless you are not wanting to connect with that 92% that do. People buy from people, not from businesses. Using emojis helps your business express true human emotion, then consumers begin to trust you more. When you use them, it shows your customers you are just like them. You're connecting with them on a real level and creating an honest human experience with showing emotion. This then translates to customers that your business is approachable.

Our Experience

There have been conversations that we have started using emojis with our customers on Facebook Messenger, we can tell that their guard comes down much quicker. This is because people thrive off of emotion when communicating and that can be difficult when using social media. That is why leveraging emojis in your social media posts can be more effective because they add back that human element. 

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