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3 Steps to Creating an Effective Ad Strategy

By: ScottCox Monday June 25, 2018 comments Tags: ad strategy, analytics, content strategy, Lakeland, sales conversions, social media agency, social media content, social media management, social media marketing, social media marketing Lakeland, social media strategy

In a recent blog, we talked about 3 essential elements in an ad strategy and mentioned that creating an ad strategy is more than just putting together beautiful ads. You need to gather data from your business, form a plan, and then implement proven methods of converting audience members. Your ad strategy should support your overall business goals and measurably bring you customers.

So what are the steps to creating an ad strategy that will accomplish your goals and bring in dollars - lots of them?

Here's what you need to do to create an effective ad strategy:

1) Gather data from your business.

What goals do you have for your business - get your brand in front of more people? Launch a new product? Boost awareness and sales for a low-performing service? Start with your goals, then get data to know how to improve what you're already doing.

Do you have an online strategy already in place to accomplish your goal? If so, how is the strategy performing? What are the numbers? Are you getting high reach, but not many clicks? Are you getting a high number of clicks, but not many conversions? This data is important to know which areas you need to improve. Need to know if your advertising is paying for itself? Find out here.

2) Create a sales funnel for your goals.

You have something valuable to offer your customers, and your customers have a real need you can fill. You know that, but your customers may not.

So how do you convince your customers that they have a problem and that your services can fix it?

You need a sales funnel to get your audience involved with your business in small ways and move them to getting involved in big ways. Some parts of a sales funnel work universally - like spreading brand awareness and giving out free stuff. But some parts should be adapted to your business.

For example, what kind of lead magnet will you provide - an informational guide, a voucher or free trial, a free consultation? Do you need to educate your audience before selling to them? Do you need to gather email addresses and use email campaigns to touch your audience more, or will touching the audience through social media be better?

Wondering what you need in a sales funnel? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us and get advice on your social media strategy and online sales funnels!

3) Implement, test, and measure your strategy.

Once you have the data and the sales funnel, it's time to implement the strategy you've formed. Budget what you're going to spend on ads and content creation based on your goals and data. Create all the elements you'll be using in your sales funnel - lead magnets, landing pages, ad creative, videos, etc. Then start running your ads and new strategy.

But how do you know if your new strategy is working?

You do that the same way you figured out if your old strategy was working - data! Measure and analyze your results using your content management tool and Facebook Analytics or Google Analytics. Then figure out where your strategy is working and where it needs to be improved, and create a variation of your ad to test something different. With measurement, analysis, and testing, you can create the most effective ads to accomplish your goals and get the best ROI.

Do you need help creating an effective ad strategy for your business? We can help! You can set up a meeting with me directly to get advice and learn how we can help you more. Or contact us via email, Facebook Messenger, or our website for more information. We hope to hear from you soon!

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