CRM Integration and Management

By: Anna Friday April 26, 2019 comments Tags: business strategy, CRM, customer management, marketing strategy, retail, social media, social media agency, social media content, social media marketing


What is CRM?

Customer Relations Management (CRM) helps develop and manage relationships between you, your customers and your potential customers. Implementing a CRM strategy that is integrated with your business management and social media marketing software will allow you to understand your customers and meet their needs quickly and efficiently.

How does it help your business?

With integrated CRM, you can offer services customers are looking for, develop new and improved products or services customers desire, build better relationships, increase customer retention, and make the customer feel valued since your entire staff has access to all customer records and can improve customer service.

By integrating your social media marketing, sales and customer service operations, your CRM system allows employees to easily work together and share vital information by performing the following tasks:

  • Import contacts from another system
  • Set callback reminders for contacts
  • Tag contacts with custom labels
  • Track all your interactions with a client in a live timeline feed that any employee can access
  • Get updates every time an employee interacts with a client and leaves a note

Each time someone interacts with a client, they leave notes about what was discussed and where things were left. That way, the next person to talk to them doesn't need to be filled in. Imagine how refreshing this would be to a customer who calls in and doesn't have to be transferred to five different people because each person has their own department or information. Customers would be incredibly thankful and feel important when the first person they talk to has all of the information needed all in one place to assist them.

Plus, each contact page has its own mini workflow timeline, which keeps track of notes, purchases, emails sent, and more related to that one contact. This allows you to easily scroll through your complete history together.

Customer relationship management software starts with tracking and engaging prospects, and continues through point-of-purchase and beyond. The right CRM grows alongside your business, helping you maintain customer relationships with ease.

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