Creator's Toolbox: Video Editing Apps

By: ScottCox Friday November 23, 2018 comments Tags: content creation, content management system, content strategy, facebook, facebook marketing, influencer marketing, Lakeland, marketing strategy, social media agency, social media management, video marketing, video, adobe, imovie, spark, apple

Video Editing Apps

Welcome to our second installment of the Creator's Toolbox article where we highlight apps, sites, resources and more. This is for creators to help them in their marketing efforts. Today's focus is on video editing apps for the on-the-go content creator. These apps are especially helpful for creating content for distributing on social media or even YouTube. As an added bonus, these apps are all available for free on the iOS App Store!

Apple Clips

Clips is a relatively new offering from Apple, focused more on capturing and creating shorter-form clips that fit into an overall narrative. When you start using the app it feels like the video editor for the Instagram crowd. The workflow is quick and it only takes a couple of taps to apply some high-quality effects to your clips. Apple makes it pretty difficult to not make a decent video with this app!

Within seconds you can apply a music soundtrack, add Posters (lightly animated graphics that serve as a background for when you want to showcase text), and add Live Titles that take the spoken words in your video and dictate it into written text on-screen. It's a very fun app to use and will help you look like a pro with very little effort!

Adobe Spark Video

Spark Video is similar to Clips but leans more toward being a traditional video editor. Such features include the ability to choose a widescreen or square aspect ratio in which to edit, the ability to choose different layout options for your clips, and a feature that allows you to record a narration. There's also a nice feature that labels the sections of a project from Intro to Credits, sort of walking you through the process of a proper story narrative.

Another interesting feature is the Inspiration tab. This tab showcases video projects made by creators just like yourself and allow you to see what's possible by using the app. Themes and soundtracks are included features but lack much of the 'fun' bells and whistles you'll find in other apps.

Apple iMovie

iMovie is a surprisingly powerful video editor that can fit in your pocket! You'll find similar editing options from Clips in here but it goes much beyond 'fun' features. For example, you can bring in your own soundtrack music, have precision control over slow-motion effects, and even connect a keyboard to use quick-edit shortcuts.

Additionally, if you have an iPad or Mac your projects can sync from your iPhone via iCloud and you can continue editing on those other devices. With precision control, extendibility to other apps, syncing with multiple devices and the ability for quick-edits you're going to love using iMovie for iOS.

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