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Creating Contextual Content

By: ScottCox Wednesday October 24, 2018 comments Tags: content creation, content strategy, facebook, facebook marketing, marketing strategy, social media management, content, social media content, social media marketing, Lakeland, social media agency

 So you're trying to grow your business using social media and you're posting, and posting, and posting and you start to notice over time that one platform shows more favorable towards your business than another; why is that? After all, you have been posting the same written copy and the same pictures across all of the platforms you're a part of, that should have gotten you the same type of engagement across the board right? Not so fast! It turns out that the way you communicate your content can and should differ for each platform to ensure the highest amount of engagement.

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Copy, Paste, Demote!

It's a very easy thing to copy and paste your content from Facebook to Instagram, or from Twitter to LinkedIn. We get it, you're trying to make sure that you're being efficient with your time since you still have an entire business to run! The truth is, you may be doing more harm than help for your business if your message isn't contextualized for the platforms you're hoping to get engagement from. Imagine if you were to share a life experience you had or a funny joke with someone you've met from Wales or Australia. Sure, they speak English but they don't have the proper context to understand what you're trying to communicate.

Respect The Platform

What does this look like in practice? Try this: capture one large "macro" piece of content (think 'big loaf of bread') so that you can break it off into smaller "micro" pieces of content. This could mean you record a 2, 5 or 10-minute video where you could be educating your audience on your product/service or even showcasing a customer testimonial, that's all up to you.


From that one piece of content you can then:

  • Post the full video on your YouTube channel and Facebook page
  • Post the 60-second version on Instagram
  • Create a Quote Graphic for Twitter and Instagram Stories
  • Upload the Audio from the video to your Podcast
  • Publish the written transcription onto your Blog

All from just one piece of content!

The Answer Is To Start Today!

It sounds like a full-time job (and we won't lie, sometimes it is) but rather than creating 30 unique pieces you're starting with 1 and breaking it up into smaller chunks, that way it's actually manageable and practical both for your time and most importantly for your audiences. You might be asking, "when do I start with a strategy like this?" The answer is Start Today! Keep in mind to start very simply so you can experience going through the process a few times; don't get 'fancy' and 'professional' so soon. Our prediction is you'll not only have fun doing it this way, but your audience will have a more enjoyable experience engaging with your content. Happy creating!

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