Create Eye-Catching Social Media Graphics in 5 Steps

By: ScottCox Friday December 15, 2017 comments Tags: Lakeland Florida Marketing Company, Lakeland Florida Marketing, Florida Social Media Marketing, Florida Marketing Strategy

Gone are the days of having to learn Photoshop or hire a professional graphic designer for your social media graphics. With Canva, a free online website, you can create eye-catching social media graphics in five steps.


    • Open Canva in your web browser or on the iPhone, iPad or Android apps.
    • Select from professional layouts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and more.
    • Upload your own photos or use one of a million stock images.
    • Edit your images, add filters and manipulate text.
    • Save and share.

Even if you're not new to creating visual content, Canva will save you precious time while allowing you to establish an online identity. With around three billion people actively using social media between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, it's vital to utilize it to leverage them to your Lakeland business by creating simple, interesting and engaging social media graphics.


Work as a team

For those who don't create solo or need approval from their clients, you can allow other people to view or edit your social media graphic by selecting "Share/email as an editable design". You can also take advantage of team templates that guarantee consistency of designs no matter which staff member works on them. Create a brochure template for your team to customize so the same colors, fonts and style are used every time the template is reused. Reusable templates can enable your team to design like professional designers.

"We use these three design templates about 80% of the time: The blog title template, Facebook post template, and Twitter post template," stated Conversational's Marketing Director, Debra Carpenter, on the Canva website. "Every blog post looks more professional and well-done with a custom, branded title image at the top, and the drag and drop function makes it easy to throw a blog post title image together quickly. The Facebook and Twitter post templates get the proportions just right so the images aren't cropped in weird places when they post."

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