The Cost of Hiring A Social Media Agency

By: ScottCox Monday January 8, 2018 comments Tags: marketing, content marketing, digital advertising, social media

The cost of hiring a social media agency.

When you do the math hiring a social media agency is no more expensive than if you were to hire an employee and the benefits are far greater! What really is the point of hiring anyone at all to do your social media marketing and advertising? Well really its so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. In order to scale and grow a business you have to be able to put people and systems in place so you can work on the business instead of in the business. It's also to give your Lakeland business a modern and less expensive way to market, brand, and grow.

There are really only two options you have when putting a system or person in place for any aspect. You can hire within or you can outsource to an agency. Now for most fundamental systems like taxes and bookkeeping, business look to outsource. For some reason when it comes to marketing business owners more often than not think they are the best marketers and have enough time to market their companies. So instead of looking to pay an outside agency, they try to do it themselves, have a young "millennial" college kid or family member to do it, or hire an individual. The problem is none of these avenues work and definitely do not last long term.

Many Lakeland business owners, who are truly trying to grow their business, it can find it difficult to keep up with the daily posting, engagements, and platform updates that happen. So, what ends up happening is they get so behind they end up posting minimally and sporadically and running "not so good" ads that just wastes their money. This is a sad cycle I see happen over and over and sadly leads to a lot of frustration and confusion about whether advertising on social media works or not. This also breeds ground for business owners to then ask for agencies to guarantee results... This is so strange to me, when you compare what we do as SMM's to traditional marketing methods. There is no asking how many leads will I get from my billboard, radio or T.V. commercial...

Imagine you were able to find an amazing, knowledgeable, passionate person and you hired them part time, 20 hours a week, and at only $10 an hour. This means you would be paying them $800 a month plus employee tax withholdings. For this amount or just a bit more you could have a full agency working for you. And let's be honest, what are the odds that you would find someone you don't have to pour additional time, resources, and knowledge into for that type of position? That person is not going to put the same energy into your marketing as you would or an agency for hire. They are not going to do the same market research, keep up or even understand how the platforms are changing, so at the end of the day if you hire an individual at the same cost and still have to monitor and guide them, have you really saved yourself any time or money? Really all you have done is created a different job for yourself.

With a social media management agency like Social Reach, the benefits are immense and greatly outweigh any reason why you would ever hire someone. The cost of our services is non-existent when you compare us to having an employee. With us you get a dedicated Brand Manager that is dedicated to the long-term success of your business. You don't have to go through the process of hiring, on-boarding, and then training them. You don't have to monitor for progress and to make sure they are doing their job. In fact, I guarantee that our brand managers will reach out to you before you would even have time to think of "checking in." We stay up to date on the latest trends and even recommend when we should change up our strategies. For the cost of an employee you get a firm that is dedicated to earning your business every month and making sure your company is a success. Not to mention you can move your attention to other parts of your business, knowing that your marketing, brand awareness, and lead generation are all being done for you.

The cost of NOT hiring an SMM could be the future of your business! So, if you're struggling to hit your goals. If you're struggling to make the income you desire. If you're struggling to grow your business. Your business doesn't need you trying to figure things out or another expensive employee that honestly just shows up and couldn't care less. Your business needs a professional that can help spread your message to the right audience and attract paying customers that you can then go and serve! We wish you all the success you want and we would love to help you achieve it!

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