3 Reasons Consistency is Essential To Social Media Success

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In our last blog, we talked about mistakes marketers are still making, and one of those mistakes was not posting consistently. But why is consistency so important? Here are 4 reasons you need to be consistent with social media posting to be successful on social.


With the Facebook news feed revamp earlier this year, organic reach is almost obsolete on Facebook. However, it's not gone completely, and using 3 hashtags in your posts can still bring you traffic. But consistency is important on Facebook mainly to show new visitors who get to your page through ads that you're active and engaged. 

But on Instagram, organic reach is still king, and consistent posting brings consistent traffic to you through hashtags. Not only can people find you through hashtags, but the more likes you get on a post, the more the Instagram algorithm will show it to people who follow you. In other words, hashtags draw attention and likes, and likes bring more attention. The more you post - 3-5 times a day - the more attention and organic reach you're getting through hashtags and likes.

To find out more about the instagram algorithm, check out this blog from Hootsuite.

Staying at the top of the feed (Twitter)

Organic reach is still king on Twitter as well. Twitter uses an algorithm to rank posts just like Instagram and Facebook, but its algorithm is more subtle. It bases post ranking off of engagement and users who often interact with you. But Twitter also uses a simple reverse chronological ranking, too. So posting often helps you by keeping you in front of the people who care about your content the most. Their engagement, in turn, boosts your ranking through the algorithm, getting you in front of new users.

This blog from Hootsuite explains the Twitter algorithm in more detail.

Google ranking (GoogleMyBusiness)

This may be the most important reason to post consistently. About 2 years ago, Google introduced business accounts where businesses can post images about their products, services, and events. These posts allow businesses to control how they look in Google searches and to boost their ranking.Posting on Google My Business at least once a day is important to ensure that your Lakeland business shows near the top in related searches. Posts expire after 5 days, so if you don't post regularly, no posts will show up. To ensure your ranking is the best it can be and to showcase your business the best, post high-quality content once a day.

Not sure how you can incorporate consistency into your social media plan efficiently and conveniently? We have some tools to help you - a social media calendar to schedule posts and a management software! Check out our blogs on scheduling and how our management software can help you to find out more.

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