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Cancellation Policy

Per Our Service Agreements:

If you are in an agreement, we will stop all Social Reach services on the last date of your agreement.

If your services are on a month-to-month basis, this request serves as a 30-day cancellation notice, as of the date you submit this form. You may have one last prorated billing depending on the date of your recurring billing. We will continue providing services until the last day of the 30-day period. 

Marketing Platforms:

Once you've reached the end of your agreement or 30-day notice, Social Reach will end all services and remove our access to any of your owned accounts. These include social media profiles, social media ad accounts, and websites.

Once Social Reach services have ended, you may receive final billing from the marketing platforms Social Reach was using for your advertising, since those platforms bill arrears.

You have the option to purchase and keep any ad accounts or software accounts that are billed to Social Reach. 


If you have an AllProWebTools account and are billed directly for it, your account will remain active unless you contact AllProWebTools to cancel your account.

If your AllProWebTools account is billed to Social Reach, you have the option to take over billing for your account or it will be cancelled and all assets deleted. (Mention landing page and follow up campaign, change verbiage from "own" to relate to billing.)

AllProWebTools is the software Social Reach uses to build your marketing funnels, including landing pages, email campaigns, text message campaigns, etc.


We’re sorry you want to cancel services with Social Reach, and we’re sad to see you go!