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Keyword optimization: The What, Why, and How

By: Anna Thursday May 30, 2019 comments Tags: keyword optimization, online marketing, seo

Keyword optimization: The What, Why, and How

In the world of online marketing, keyword optimization is a hot topic. You've probably heard a lot about SEO and keywords, but do you understand those things? The lingo may seem so complicated that you don't even want to understand it. Good news - keyword optimization is a straightforward idea. It's not hard to understand, and it's the key to getting exponentially better results in your online marketing. Even better news - you can implement keyword optimization in your online marketing strategy. With a little bit of strategic... Read More

Social Media Calendar - How to Start 2019 The Right Way

By: Anna Tuesday January 22, 2019 comments Tags: business strategy, business planning, social media scheduling, social media strategy, social media calendar, marketing strategy, online marketing, social media marketing Lakeland

Social Media Calendar - How to Start 2019 The Right Way

2019 is here but it's not too late for developing a social media calendar that will help utilize highly recognizable hashtags. Holidays are huge for social media but it's hard to take advantage of them if you're not prepared. Knowing when to start brainstormingad ideas and when to run them is easy when you have a plan and create a social media marketing calendar. But what calendar do you use? Are they all the same? Here's one option: click here Here's Sprout Social's version: click here ... Read More

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