4 Benefits of Having a Blog

By: ScottCox Monday June 11, 2018 comments Tags: blog, blogging, content strategy, Lakeland, marketing strategy, seo, social media agency, social media content, social media management, social media marketing, social media marketing Lakeland, social media strategy

There's a lot of talk about the importance of blogs in the current online climate. But why are blogs so important? How do they actually help your Florida business? Here are 4 benefits of having a blog.

  1. A blog sets you apart as an expert.

    In business, you want people to trust your solution to their problem. You have to set yourself as an expert in your field and show that you know the need, the variety of solutions to the need, and the best solution - your service or product. A blog gives you the opportunity to explore a bunch of issues related to your product or service. By blogging in detail about the problems and challenges your customers face and how you can solve them, you build trust with your readers. Click here to get your blog started with these 4 questions. 

  2. A blog helps your SEO.

    Probably the best-known benefit of blogging is better SEO. On the back end of a blog, you can add tags, keywords, and categories that help get your page noticed. The more frequently you blog, the more frequently you appear with those tags, keywords, and categories. And if you want to rank high on Google for a certain key phrase, choose 5 tags that use that key phrase and use them in every blog post. Pssst.... Don't forget to SEO your videos!

  3. A blog shares value with your customers.

    Business is all about giving value to your customers. Like we mentioned earlier, a blog shares solutions to your customers' problems. The information and even entertainment in your blogs brings value to your readers. It gives them something even if they don't buy your product or service. People like learning and being entertained, and they'll be more favorable to your brand when you give valuable content to them. Thinking about copying content strategy from the guy down the street? You may want to think twice. 

  4. A blog provides a large volume of already-curated content.

    If you're running a profitable social media presence, quality content is always in high demand. If your business has multiple locations, curating enough quality content to fill all your social channels is even more challenging. A blog is a great way to store quality content that you can reference and reuse on your social channels in the future. Plus, a great way to increase your website's ranking is to get backlinks onto other websites. You can use already-written blogs to send content to other bloggers and reporters for them to share your content and use a backlink to your site. Learn the basics of content curation here!

Blogs can be a lot of work, but they are a great way to share content and set yourself apart from other businesses in your field. Did you know our software management tool has blog integration? You can connect your Wordpress, Blogger, or Blogspot site to the app and publish blogs with SEO and photos directly to your page. Try the 14-day free trial of our software now!

Want to know more about how we can help grow your online presence? You can contact us via email, Facebook Messenger, or our website. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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