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By: ScottCox Friday October 6, 2017 comments Tags: Florida Social Media Marketing, Lakeland Florida Marketing, Lakeland Florida Marketing Company, Florida Marketing Strategy

Hi and welcome to The Social Reach Blog.

Social media has become an integrated part of our everyday lives and because of this, is dramatically impactful in the decisions we make whether we realize it or not. Social media is not only a place where we stay connected to friends and family anymore. It's where we go to have a voice, where we stay informed about trending topics, and even where we go to research companies and Lakeland marketing agencies to reinforce our buying decisions. For most Lakeland Florida business owners marketing tends to be the biggest struggle they face, whether they are just getting started and need the best bang for their buck or are thriving and need to hand off that part of the business but need someone they trust. This post is about who we are as a company and our beliefs.

Social Reach was started because of two main problems. First, most Lakeland Florida business owners these days do not understand the tools available to them via social media platforms and they don't have the time to learn or even do the marketing themselves. The tools and methods are constantly changing and to be really effective a marketer needs to spend time to monitor and adapt to these changes. There are also a TON of Lakeland social mediamarketing tools and resource available knowing which are the most helpful and which to stay away from can save a company time and money.

Secondly, there are numerous Florida social media companies out there already. Some would even say the market is starting to get flooded. What's the problem? Most of these companies unfortunately have no idea what they are doing or are offering bad services. We hear so many horror stories about how an individual or company made so many promises and failed to deliver! When you don't know, what you don't know, it really can be hard to know that marketing on social actually works, especially with an experience like that.

The Social Reach of Lakeland Florida was created to solve these problems. We give our time and knowledge to marketing, so our clients can focus on their skills and passions and grow their business. We use facts and figures to design social media strategies based around content and consistency to build communities for businesses. We believe that businesses thrive when they have a community of people paying attention and engaging with them.

We believe in using holistic strategies to increase a brand's reach and influence with their specific target market. You will never hear us make any wild claims only report what we are actually able to accomplish. We will be a resource to those who need guidance, direction, and honestly a source they can trust to get their social media FACTS! We want to serve people and help them grow their businesses and be successful. We know the way to grow our company is to help everyone else grow as well.

We appreciate you taking the time to check this out! Please make sure you stay plugged in as our Lakeland marketing team will be bringing a ton of valuable information for you to use in your own business!

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