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The Basics: Scheduling

By: ScottCox Tuesday December 5, 2017 comments

Consistency is probably the most important quality of successful social media profiles. We talk about consistency in one of our other blog posts, the Keys to Social Media Success. Because consistency is so important, scheduling is absolutely essential. Here are a few tips to help you get organized, curate effectively, and earn money! 

    1. Check FaceBook Insights 
      On your FaceBook business page, the Insights tab will give you loads of information that helps you with scheduling and creating focused content.

      Look for the best times to post during each day, learn details about your fans, and analyze your reach and engagement rates. See which days have the lowest number of fans online and don't post on those days. Check out which posts and ads got the most engagement and write down trends in what people are responding to. For your FaceBook ads account, check out
      Audience Insights to learn more about your target audience.

      It's best to take some time at the end of each month and peruse Insights, compiling a list of information that you'll refer to when scheduling for the next month.


    1. Create a Monthly Calendar
      Coming up with creative, cohesive content on a weekly or biweekly basis can be daunting. That's why calendars are your friend!

      Using a Google Sheets calendar, write in post topics, post times, hashtags, and even accompanying images for every day you plan to post during the upcoming month. Include holidays, social media-wide trends that relate to your business, ad campaigns, and special offers. Then on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, you can write and schedule your posts through FaceBook or your management software based on your calendar. At that point, you'll already know what and when to post, and posting will be a whiz.


    1. Curate in bulk
      If you haven't gotten the whiff, preparation is the big idea here. That's what scheduling is all about!

      When you take pictures of your business, take a lot of them. When you search for stock pictures on free sites like Pixabay, save a lot of pictures in one sitting. When you find links to videos or articles you'd like to share on your profiles, copy them into a document so you can access them later, then follow the digital bunny trails to see if there are more sharable links on that page or similar pages.You can refer back to these images or links when you're scheduling to include them in posts or even create posts around them when you need more content. The next time you're stuck trying to fill a posting schedule, you'll be very glad you did the prep.

These are just the foundational practices in establishing consistency with scheduling, but we hope we've left you with some valuable tools. It's your time to make a mark on your community with social media - so get out there and get to it!  


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