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How to login to your AllProWebTools account and reset your password





You should have received a Welcome Email from AllProWebTools when Social Reach created your AllProWebTools account. Go to your email inbox to find the Welcome Email.


If you’ve searched your email inbox and can’t find the Welcome Email, notify Anna with Social Reach and she will resend the Welcome Email.


When you receive the Welcome Email, add the email to your starred emails in your inbox so you can always find it easily. 


Click the link in the “Control Panel” box in the Welcome Email.


Bookmark this page in your browser, since you’ll always need to use this link to login to your AllProWebTools account.


Use the username and temporary password in the Welcome Email to login to your account.


You’ll immediately be prompted to reset your password to a personalized password you choose.


Choose a new password and enter it. Follow the prompts to finish logging in.




How to download the AllProWebTools app





Before you download and log in to the AllProWebTools app, make sure you’ve already logged into your AllProWebTools account through your computer. You can follow the instructions above for logging in via your AllProWebTools welcome email, and resetting your password.


If you have an Android phone, you can download the app through Google Play here.

If you have an iPhone, you can download the app through the App Store here.


Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can log in with the instructions below to start receiving instant notifications and managing your leads on the go!


Check out this article to learn all about the AllProWebTools app and everything you can do with it!




How to login to the AllProWebTools app





Once you’ve downloaded the app, watch the video at the bottom of this page to learn how to login to the AllProWebTools app.

*On the screen that asks if you already have an AllProWebTools account, click “Yes.”




Forgot your password? Here’s what to do!





Click the login link that you were given in your Welcome Email that you used to login to your account the first time. If you didn’t bookmark it before, you can go back to your Welcome Email and bookmark it now so you can always access it easily.


On the login screen, click “Help! I can’t login!”


You’ll be prompted to submit your email address or your username in order to receive an email from AllProWebTools and change your password.




How to see leads in your AllProWebTools account (desktop and mobile)





Use your login link, username, and password to login to your AllProWebTools account.

Leads will show up in your AllProWebTools Dashboard.


To see ONLY leads in your AllProWebTools Dashboard, you can filter the Dashboard results.

Once you’re looking at the Dashboard, click the “Filter Leadbox” icon.


This will filter only leads.


You can see the time/date they became a lead by hovering over the time stamp on the right side of the dashboard.




How to get instant lead notifications in your AllProWebTools account





Download the AllProWebTools app (follow the instructions above for downloading the app).


Turn on notifications for the app when your phone prompts you.


Login to the app (using the instructions above).


Social Reach has already turned on email/text notifications for you so as long as you’ve followed all of these instructions, you’ll get instant notifications!




How to add leads from Facebook messages to your AllProWebTools account





One of the ways Social Reach brings in leads for you is through Facebook messages. Once a person sends their contact info by messaging your Facebook page, you’ll be able to add them as a contact in AllProWebTools so you can easily follow up with them through text or email. 

Social Reach has already integrated your AllProWebTools account with your Facebook page, so you don’t have to worry about that. All you’ll need to do going forward is add the people who message your page as contacts to your AllProWebTools account.

  • Follow the instructions in this article under “How to See and Match New Facebook Messages” to add people who message your page to your AllProWebTools account.
  • Make sure to add new contacts from Facebook messages to your AllProWebTools account every day, since messaging contacts expire after 24 hours.
  • *If you don’t see any contacts in “Facebook Unmatched,” it could be because no one has messaged your Facebook page since we integrated it with your AllProWebTools account, or because the contacts from Facebook have expired and aren’t available to be added to your AllProWebTools account anymore.




How to access AllProWebTools support






Watch this video to learn how to talk to the AllProWebTools support team! You have live support options as well as email and text support options. The AllProWebTools team is ready to serve you!




How to access AllProWebTools emails from your smartphone






For Iphone Users

These photos are from IOS 12






1. Navigate to the settings app on your iphone. Then find and click on "Passwords & Accounts".






2. Under the section "Accounts" click on "Add Account".






3. This will take you to a screen that asks you to pick where this account will be hosted from. Scroll to the bottom, find and click the option "other".






4. On this screen, under the section "Mail" click on "Add Mail Account".






5. This will take you to create a new account. Fill in the desired name for your mailbox, the email and password you created in APWT, and a desired description. Once finished, click "Next" in the right hand corner.






6. This will take you to a new screen where you enter the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server settings.

For this, you'll add "" to both "Host Name" inputs, add your email for this mailbox to both "User Name" inputs, and finally add your password for this email to both "Password" inputs.

Then hit "Next" to verify account, this can take up to 10 minutes. If it does not verify, re-enter username and passwords and doube check spelling of "".

If issue persists, contact AllProWebTools Support.






7. Once account is verified, scroll down to the Outgoing Mail Server section until you find SMTP, verify it says "" and then click on it.






8. On this screen, find and click on "" under Primary Server.






9. This will take you to the server page. Review that the Server is set to ON, the Host Name says "" and that it displays the correct email. Then verify "Use SSL" is on.

Click "Done" once you are finished.






10. Navigate back to the account information for this emailbox and scroll down to find the "Advanced" settings and click on it.






11. In Advaned, under Incoming Settings, make sure Use SSL is turned on.










For Android Users







1. Navigate to the settings app on your android. Find and click "Accounts".






2. Under Accounts, click "Add account"






3. This will give you a selection of options to add accounts from. Find and click on "Personal (IMAP)"






4. Where it says "Enter your email", type in your email created in APWT. Then hit the "NEXT" button.






5. Then enter the password created with your APWT email. Then hit the "NEXT" button.






6. For Incoming server settings, enter your email, password and "" under Server then hit the "NEXT" button. Repeat the same for Outgoing server settings.






7. Then it will begin to verify the account, this can take up to 10 minutes.






8.Once back on Outoing server settings, verify or manually add Port number 465. Then click "NEXT".






9. The last screen gives you personal account options. Enable and disable which ever desired options. Once finished, hit "NEXT". 

Then you're done!