3 Essential Parts of a Successful Ads Strategy

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Putting a successful ad strategy together is more than just creating eye-catching ads. It takes a plan and knowing how to offer customers what they really want. Here are 3 essential parts of a successful ad strategy:

Planning & Budgeting

Advertising can be confusing and ineffective if it's done wrong. And it's easy to spend money on ads without knowing how effective they are and the exact ROI you're getting. To make sure your money is spent well, it's important to formulate marketing objectives that fit your needs and goals.



Do you need more people to know about your brand? Then designating money to brand awareness ads on Facebook and Instagram may be the best route. Do you need to promote a bundle deal on your service? Then you may want more money allocated for Google ads with specific keywords. A specific plan and budget will help you spend money in right places to accomplish your objectives.


Targeting & Retargeting Audiences


Followers are good, but relevant followers are better. Targeting ads toward the people who are most likely to buy your service is extremely important to get the maximum conversion rate. Use demographics, interest, and location specifications on Facebook and Google to hone your audience. Custom audiences and imported contacts are also helpful in targeting relevant potential customers.


Retargeting is a powerful way to move potential customers down your sales funnel. People who see multiple ads from you are more likely to remember your brand and make a purchase decision. You can choose retargeting options that exclude people who have already converted, which hones your scope and increases ad effectiveness even more.


Converting Audience Members through a Sales Funnel

Sending ads into the digital ether is easy. Getting people to convert through ads is a little harder. And getting the most out of your ad campaigns requires a formulated sales funnel. Of course, you first need goals (like we mentioned earlier), but you then need a plan of guiding your audience through to conversion. Here are some steps you may use in a sales funnel:

  1. Brand Awareness - who you are, what you do, what sets you apart

  2. Free Stuff - give value for no cost except contact info (lead magnet)

  3. Deals/Promotionals - give value for a reduced cost

  4. Full Conversion - they'll pay full price now because you've proven yourself!


The ultimate goal of ads is bringing in dollars, and that's what forming and executing a sales funnel does. With this strategy, ads will influence more audience members toward a purchasing decision more quickly.

Need help forming a successful ad strategy? Our two-part social media process includes 1) helping you formulate an effective online sales funnel and setting up the tools you'll need for it, then 2) executing it on your social channels. Want to know more? Contact us through email, Facebook Messenger, or our website. We want to help you take your online presence to the next level!

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