Work Together as a Team

Wednesday May 8, 2019 comments Tags: social media strategy, teamwork, marketing, social media, leads

If you're working with a large account - or several smaller accounts - you may be using a team of people to get the project done. While this is great, several people working together on the same social media account can get a bit confusing. Messages can be missed or multiple people might respond to the same message if the team isn’t organized and everyone knows clearly what their individual responsibilities are. With the Social Reach App, you can manage tasks and collaborate with ease when creating posts for your client's social media calendar. Allow others to contribute to your Content Library and create the best strategy together.

Also, the App allows you to assign conversations to other teams. Simply delegate messages such as sales opportunities and support issues to colleagues to help provide a better, more efficient customer service.

It’s essential that your entire team understands the objectives they are working towards and how their day-to-day tasks drive the success of the business. With the App, you can ensure your client's posts stay on-brand. Create user workflows for clients and team members so that content can be approved before it's published.

However, not every user needs the same level of access. With the App’s custom user hierarchies and permission groups, you can decide who gets access to what.

For example, you might not want your client to add new social profiles without your consent.

All of these features allow your team to communicate objectives and create a framework for them. With the data and benefits of the App, you can easily include regular updates on objectives in a team newsletter, which will help keep them on the top of everyone’s mind.