Why You Need a Social Media Scheduler

Wednesday May 1, 2019 comments Tags: content marketing, marketing, social media, social media agency, marketing agency, leads, lead generation, social media marketing

Are you a business owner who plans on posting to your social media pages each day as you’re running your business? It’s going to be easy, right? While you're at a job site, take a picture, write a sentence a post. Recording a video of your client raving about your company can be done in seconds, right? Just snap a few pictures of your newest products and upload them to your social media channels on your phone. Easy.

However, if it’s as simple as all that, then why do you keep putting it off and your social media pages not been updated for six months?

It's because you are busy running your business, and time escapes you each day. Your busy putting out fires, making clients and happy and getting new sales. That's what your supposed to be doing. That's why you need a social media scheduler like our App. You can spend a few hours each week scheduling content to your social media for the week and not have to worry that you haven't posted anything in a month.

Is it really that simple? Yes, it is since our App lets you schedule the same post to Facebook and Instagram and will auto adjust images. It'll give you a warning if the image doesn't fit right on IG and you can edit it in seconds right within the app to fit properly.