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Why Do Images Matter?

Friday April 26, 2019 comments Tags: images, social media, social media strategy, content creation

Quality Images Affect Your Business

Why can’t you just post a photo you took on your old iPhone? It’s fine, right?

Unfortunately, gone are the days when you could use boring or low-quality pictures. There are numerous businesses fighting for attention. So it’s vital that you post quality content, especially pictures. If your images don’t look professional, your business won’t seem professional to potential customers.

Pictures on your business social media channels should appear of higher-quality than your personal profiles. While a slightly blurry photo may be OK on Snapchat, that same picture will not work well on Facebook or Instagram. Using low-quality pictures or posts can subtly damage your reputation, or present your business in a lower light compared to others.

There are Options

I understand you might not be ready to spend a couple hundred dollars on a new phone, so what do you do to fix this problem?

You can retrieve stock photos from websites like Canva, Giphy, Adobe Spark Post, and more.

  • Canva offers everything you need to design your social media graphics. Along with access to free stock photos, the drag-and-drop editor, which is compatible with desktop and mobile devices, grants a user complete control over the design process.
  • Giphy, best-known as the leading source for GIFs, provides a huge database of GIFs covering various genres including animals, holidays, food and drink, memes, emotions, and cartoons. Taking your content to the next level with GIFs can really grab people’s attention more than just static images.
  • A suite of three design tools, Adobe Spark houses Spark Post, Spark Video, and Spark Page. These tools allow you to create graphics and videos for social media, plus standalone web pages. Plus, you can automatically sync between your computer and mobile device since each tool is also available as a mobile app.

With all of these different options, creating graphics that matter for your social media posts becomes a simple process.

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