When You Seize the Moment, Your Business Wins

Monday December 27, 2021 comments

What is Moment Marketing?

Moment marketing is when businesses and organizations incorporate current events, trending social media “moments,” or non-copyright viral content into their communications and marketing materials. These materials include social media posts or digital ads which take advantage of these events’ relevance and social value. By integrating these events in marketing collaterals, businesses and agencies include themselves in conversations surrounding these “moments.”


Moment Marketing Works!

Because of how dynamic and fast-rolling the internet is, everyone is just a scroll away from finding new posts, trends, memes, or stories. Whether we like it or not, when we are part of the digital world (through social media especially), we are already part of the conversations surrounding social media, news, ongoing events, and meme-moments. 

Remember those times you shared funny condom ads that rode the wave of a recent viral event? Or how you laughed at rival companies’ playful Twitter banter, taking after the hilarious roast exchange on the same platform between McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King a few years back? As a business or an agency that needs attention, awareness, and relevant value, your team SHOULD want to be part of similar attention-grabbing conversations around opportune pop culture or multimedia moments.

Moment marketing is also a fantastic and cost-effective growth hack and social media strategy as it requires less money yet to elicit more engagement. It’s driven by witty copy and punchy art, or a tweet that snatches the attention of your target audience. It’s a flavorful bite of content and timely wit combined together to capitalize on a relevant moment.


Companies and organizations have to get into moment marketing.

As simple as that. Are you trying to find new ways to connect with your prospective clients or leads and audience? Moment marketing is an effective and entertaining way to catch people’s attention by hopping on trends.

Using the same marketing techniques can get boring and may even go unnoticed. Moment marketing can help in steering away from generic copies, repetitive messaging and language, and push you into disrupting the possible monotone of your content and social media marketing. It allows you to build worthwhile engagement with clients around trends that affect us personally, with humor and wit.

Any customer or audience appreciates being made to laugh or made excited about having an I-saw-what-you-did-there moment when they scroll through their feed and see the brands and organizations they follow release funny but relevant content. All you have to do is hop on a trending or recent event and inject yourself into the conversation flawlessly.

The good news is you will never run out of ideas because trends are never-ending. You *shouldn’t* run out of ideas. With moment marketing, you need to be on the lookout for current viral moments, whether that is a meme-able moment from the newscast last night, or a staggering loss or euphoric win for your home team. Sensitivity still applies. Of course you cannot capitalize on or make light of famous people’s deaths, or disasters and tragic events; that would be moment marketing done horribly wrong.

Moment marketing done right is a surefire way to get reactions (those hearts count for something, you know) and start interactions with your customers or audience that goes beyond just the product and service you are offering. The fantastic thing about moment marketing is that becoming part of your target audience’s newsfeed organically ensures that your message reaches them when they are most entertained and receptive, and are willing to engage or interact. Every social media campaign and strategy ideally has to strike an emotional or mental chord with the consumer, and moment marketing can help you reel those kinds of connections in.


Maybe you don't have enough time to be in-the-know to maximize moment marketing.

That’s alright. You can partner with Social Reach so we can create content aligned with your brand identity and vision, and relevant to today’s trends. Our team includes experts on social media and content marketing, which includes both evergreen and moment marketing. With Social Reach, you can worry less about what’s going out every day on your social media, and you can rest assured that you stay cool and relevant in your brand’s/organization’s unique way. Book a discovery call with us so we can discuss what you need to step your digital marketing game up.