If Photos Say 1,000 words - Just Imagine How Much Your Website Must be Saying!

By: ash Tuesday December 15, 2020 comments



What’s Your Website Worth?


Your website is your main source for communicating who you are, what you do, the services you offer, and why your customers should choose your business over so many others! But what kind of message is your website saying? Does your site bring in organic traffic, leads, and sales? Your site is the hub, the control center of your communication with your prospects. Make sure it’s saying all the right things about your business and services! 




Develop a Consistent Online Presence

As a small business owner, if your business isn’t easily found online, or doesn’t come up very high on search engines, you’re just letting tons of business pass you by. 


Many consumers research a company first before buying. When seeing your ad online, those who are considering your services will start looking you up on searches or Facebook. They’re looking to see that your business is reputable, you have positive reviews, and plenty of information and photos of your services. 


When considering what changes to make to your site, think about it from the perspective of your visitors, step into their shoes. What is the experience of being on your website? Is it user friendly, easily navigable, inviting, organized, informative and engaging? Ask yourself what does your website communicate with your visitors? Why would your website convert your visitors into customers? 




Branding on Purpose  

Websites are used to establish your unique branding, online presence, mission, and reputation. Your business's branding is so much more than just your logo and color scheme. It’s in your voice, your content, the style of your photos, icons and video, and more! Create a vision for your branding and a standard, then objectively review your website and ask yourself if each photo, copy, headline, icon, etc are enhancing or taking away from your branding. This will give your site more uniformity and a more professional, cohesive, appearance, which will leave a great impression on your visitors. 


Showcase Authority and Establish Trust

Many of your visitors will come to your site for assurance that you are who you say you are and you do what you say you’ll do. Use your site to show your potential customers that you can be trusted and that they should feel good about doing business with you with numerous reviews, before and after photos, time lapse videos, and knowledgeable, valuable, information, along with any measurable results of your work. Project yourself as the leading expert in your area and industry with customer testimonial videos, case studies, and be sure to add any awards or community outreach your business is involved in to your website.




Generate Leads 

Your leads go to your website for more information on either your business, the services, or both. Lead boxes, or sign up forms, allow you to capture your website visitors information, like their name, number and email, to later follow up with your new lead through marketing email and text campaigns. But your website is like the touch point for your customers to interact with your business, and consider your services, giving your visitors multiple opportunities to give their contact info and take the next step in the sales funnel.  


When SEO (search engine optimization) utilizes key words, has thoughtful content, and is designed smartly, it can make your website a source to dramatically increase your leads and closing rates. But without proper SEO your website isn’t likely to reach many people as it will be much further down on search engines. 


To get your business closer to the top on Google, Bing, etc, you need your website to be picked up when potential customers search for the same services you offer and your area, you want to be the business Google says is the closest match to their search. You can only do this through keywords, and proper SEO on your site. Creating strong SEO is how your website generates organic traffic.


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